Dissociative Personality Disorder

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I enjoy having it. Lot’s of fun to be had. Anyone here have it too with their schizophrenia?

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I was diagnosed as dissociative at one point, I can’t say it’s been fun though LOL

It may not always be fun for you. It can be hell. Best to just deal with things instead of repressing them to a lower self. I wish I could take my own advice. Time will work it out.


I was under the impression that DID was a complete separation of personalities with no cross over, in such that I would lose time from one personality to the next.

When I lost time for over 3 weeks from an dissociative fugue, I was as good as dead for that time. When I came to I was extremely frightened and disconcerted.

I have different aspects to my personality. I could if I wanted converse with myself in my head but choose not to. I have lost time on various occasions when under extreme stress. Would you call this DID not otherwise specified?

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I have a dissociative disorder, DDNOS (d.d. not otherwise specified) or DID (d. identity d.).

The depersonalisation/derealisation bothers me a bit. The alters, as rarely as I notice them, make life more interesting.


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DID is a “flexible” diagnosis. You can have personalities that are totally dissociated and you can have ones that you are conscious (co-conscious) along with.

You mean DID or DDNOS? I’m inclined to think DID.


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Well it seems to me some personalities can loose their information too according to what one of them said