Question about dx of disassociation

Is ddnos/did a personality disorder?? Getting mixed thoughts on google searches. One put it in cluster b of personality disorders which is most commonly associated with narcissistic, antisocial and histrionic personality disorders.

Then I saw this article

And it says it’s not even a personality disorder. But rather a disassociative disorder.

Myth: DID is a personality disorder

Because of the association with multiple or ‘split’ personalities, DID is often misunderstood to be a personality disorder, but they are actually two very different things.

Personality disorders are a constant fixed pattern of feeling and behaving over time, usually developing in early adulthood. Personality disorders, like borderline personality disorder, involve extreme emotional responses and patterns of behaviour which make it hard for the person with the disorder to have stable relationships and function in society.

DID is a dissociative disorder. Rather than extreme emotional reactions to the world, people living with DID lose contact with themselves: their memories, sense of identity, emotions and behaviour. Unlike personality disorders, DID may first manifest at almost any age.

So I dunno who to believe this dx is new to me haven’t got all the data yet. Maybe I should read a book about it.


Dissociative fugue is an interesting one too. If you havent heard about it before. My dad thought i’d had it when i first became extremely unwell. So i read a book about it. But forgot the name. Dont know if youve heard of the theory of the bicameral mind. But i think theres a link somehow with dissociative states of mind and how the two hemispheres communicate. I cant recall the book i read now which made it clearer for me to get, i think the ghost in the machine for some reason im thinking of now. But anyway. Maybe you’d be interested in tulpas. I think some people purposefully induce diassociative states as adults and create ‘imaginary friends’. Maybe it has links with buddhism. I think there are active communities around this topic. Sorry i just mean, if youre curious about dissociative states. In an experimental way or natural curiosity way.

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My new diagnosis that comes as a surprise to me is ddnos. :wink:

I told my therapist my life story and she said what I experienced especially in high school and college. And even times after. Let’s just say I developed a few alters starting at 14. But then at 18-19 I got interested in taking weed alcohol and lsd. And it helped with the disassociation immensely. But I had a bad trip got drug induced psychosis of course…,

Anyways I also had a rarer disorder in high school called blank mind syndrome. It’s only caused by disassociate disorders. But really I had no mental conscious thought process in high school. I liked weed cuz it made me think while I was high. I liked lsd better because it made my “thinking” permanent. Albeit added an edge of psychosis to it too though right??? :joy:

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I’ve had different alternative personalities that i thought entered my body and mind at different points. It was excruciatingly painful. Talking out, expressing their characters and thoughts and songs etc. Its kind of weird I suppose. Like my mind that is no longer my own becomes disowned to the mad ramblings of others. Its a very very strange experience. Painful. Like not being able to sleep for 10 days and constantly rambling in hilarity or otherwise… I havent told anyone though. And I havent had it for a good while so don’t think of it. I have no idea what triggers this.

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It wasn’t so much like that for me. I’m
Ddnos though meaning I have no amnesia? Literally I just pretended on the internet For 5 years that I was somebody else than myself until I became those 3 people I pretended to be.

Although I wasn’t aware, till after, people could see my alternate personalities inside of me. Something about the way I acted. I was actually rewarded with tons of pride in 2012 about my alters!!! Everyone in the room practically could relate more with my alter then my true identity. And in a strange reaction, Pretty much the whole room convinced me that I was Jesus and I’m not but I think everything happens for a reason I just dunno why. Not yet. But that delusion stuck with me for a while. And came in different forms of delusions but always grandeur delusions. I’m not a narcissist but my “ego” has been severely damaged in multiple places lol. And the conflicting information at 19 years old. Some people telling me I’m great. Others telling me I’m worth shite. And I had very mixed feelings about myself and it created these grandeur delusions

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Not saying what you had was amnesia either…. I’m just trying to understand myself this stuff

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Sounds highly creative thing to do. I think i can imagine having a fractured sense of yourself and coming up with an idea to better cast away the thoughts of no one residing in a sense. Thats the only way i can imagine having an empty mind and trying to fill the space between i suppose. Sounds fascinating but sad in a way that you felt you had to do that to resolve something going on for you. You were insecure about. If i understand… for me, i remember but i didnt choose. It was out of my control. But maybe its similar for you just has a different ‘accent’ so to speak. So you think it was a choosing you. But events arose nonetheless to create actions that makes it appear choiceless.

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I think thought can happen at such a deep sense in ones subconscious that it can seem like we’re missing. But thats just a thought about the idea of having a blank mind. As ive had this myself. But then can express at times poetry thats quite deep. Not to limit or diminish your experience. But just sharing a thought. Maybe its a way of pathologising(?) difference.

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Dissocation, losing contact with yourself i dont know much about it,
Borderline i heard about altars dont know much about it.
Ive had borderline moments.
Tip: watch youtube.

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No it is a dissociative disorder. I think the confusion may stem from the fact that DID is also called Multiple Personality Disorder.

I never heard of that, even though I have it myself. I connect it both with dissociation and with apathy.


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Maybe my mind wasn’t truly blank. But it sure did seem that way. I mean in comparison to what I experienced after I was self medicating versus before I was self medicating. The difference seemed like I went from blank to internal chatter. I described it feeling like you’re a robot. At least in hindsight I was a robot. And an article said this diagnosis is like feeling you’re a robot in a way. During the whole ordeal I couldn’t imagine that I was much different from other ppl. Didn’t think I had anything wrong with me. But later on I realized there was something wrong with me. I didn’t identify blank mind syndrome till recently when I read an article and said that’s what I felt I experienced

Here. Blank Mind Syndrome – What to Do When You Have No Thoughts

There u can read on it. Maybe I am exaggerating a little saying my mind is blank but in a way it truly felt blank or “elsewhere”.

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See I didn’t even worry about that because I was so robotic.

I’d say I was kinda fortunate my parents never intruded on my space. I never wanted to be bothered as a youth. Although I have blamed them before for not intervening. And maybe there was negative repercussions . In a way it was a good thing that I was able to come out of my fantasy world on my own and not forced out of it

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Yes I asked my therapist and she explained it to me but thank you too.

That gives me insight

I am a creative person. And maybe in the long term it made me more creative. But in high school. Well I was still creative I just didn’t create anything besides that. Then after I became an artist of sorts. I’m sure I wasn’t very good at my favorite type of art when I started practicing but I’m persistent. Well when I told u about the time I was arrested. We had to say what we wanted to be. For a career. I said something and it inspired me. And it was crazy. It made me very delusional that place. And stupid and careless and grandiose. But here I am

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