Dissociation, Depersonalization, and the Weirdest Symptoms Ever

So awhile back I went into active phase of my schizophrenia and had the worst symptoms i have had yet to date. It was delusions, voices, tons of hallucinations including pain hallucinations, negative symptoms, dissociation and yet something i had not experienced. At a certain point i started losing control of my body at certain times, and after awhile I lost control of it for roughly a couple of months. This is the strangest thing to me because research on it yields very little, and from time to time it still happens for a short duration. I want to ask my psychiatrist about it but it took me months to get an appointment as my old one retired (was technically a nurse), and it turns out my new one doesn’t ask about my symptoms. He pretty much asks how i’m doing to fill a bare minimum requirement, and after about 3 seconds of saying things like i still hallucinate and sometimes have delusions he stops me. In short I don’t know anything about losing control of my body at times, and I really hope someone does? Do you know what I am talking about? Can you relate? Do you ever get weird symptoms too?

It’s all your brain. You can’t really lose control of your body. It might just become subconscious. It might also just feel like the “commands” for your movements are coming from somewhere else. That’s just a delusion though.

When I was dealing with this I’d just hold still until I kind of lost the paranoia and the delusion and felt more in control.

I’ve never had pain hallucinations. That sounds scary.

Did the doc find a way to help you out?

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depersonalization happens to me a lot… I get the floating out of body feeling… It’s like I’m watching myself from far away…

I can’t stop myself from doing certain things… it makes me cringe. I’m getting better about working on grounding techniques that help me stay… sort of body and mind as one…

But stress… bad news… high emotions… and I do feel sort of disassociated from myself… I’m no longer in my skin… I’m a third party viewer to my own self.

When it hits is for short periods of time…But it’s very distressing. I have a hard time with this one…

Good luck and best wishes

ALL my symptoms are weird. Is there such a thing as a “normal symptom”?

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What happens to me is i literally lose control of my body, happens multiple times a day usually. I start doing something like flicking myself off and I certainly dont want to do that. Sadly its very real. Pain hallucinations arn’t that bad, they go away pretty fast.

I have chronic derealization which is similar to depersonalization. Basically things don’t feel real. They seem artificial like a computer simulation. I start doubting if reality exists. It’s a defense mechanism that the mind creates to protect you from perceived threats in the environment.

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my only symptoms happen at night. Sometimes Im awake, and my thoughts are really weird, its like I have a second life at night. Only in my mind though. I think maybe Im asleep or half asleep when these weird dreams and thoughts come. But I dont like it. I had a recurring dream so often, that at night I believe it to be true, and its quite unpleasant.