Disputing the dx

I am dxed with paranoid PD. Whilst freely admitting I’m prone to paranoia I hotly dispute the dx.
This is because text book definitions of such people describe them as aggressive and confrontational. I am actually avoidant and fearful.

My paranoia and social anxiety stemmed from bullying and peer rejection,especially as a teenager,due to my physical and social awkwardness.

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This is interesting I’m still convinced I have it but my psychiatrist seems to think otherwise

Do u take meds for it?

Firemonkey sup…i used to have a weak personality …i used to hate society .i dont like people and hated to speak to them…i was super shy anxious hyper active full of anger i also has social anxiety and phobia…from all this i knew motivation was a problem for me…if i were super motivated i could have won against mental illness…take care…

I am on risperdal consta 25 mgs. Many with the dx are not on medication.

Is there any way you can see a different psychiatrist?
Most psychiatrists are reluctant to diagnose someone with a personality disorder- especially if it’s their primary diagnosis.

What’s PD? paranoid pd? Different than sz

Paranoid panic disorder I think.

I’m sure i got it and not sza

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Paranoid personality disorder…got it …

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PD=personality disorder

Paranoid ,schizotypal(not seen as a PD in ICD) and schizoid are type A PDs in the DSM.

They are often called schizophrenia spectrum PDs. Schizotypal has been seen as most related to schizophrenia. The link with the other 2 PDs to schizophrenia is more tenuous.

Have you got insurance , maybe able to cover for a second opinion. This is what I did.

People simply don’t understand why dx is important. There’s many reasons , and for me I finally got on a mood stabiliser which gave me relief. That wouldn’t have happened with the sz dx.

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I think things are complicated by the fact of years of them not picking up on ASD/NVLD (autism spectrum/nonverbal learning)symptoms.

Basically there’s a history of dxing without all the facts. The problem is getting anyone to recognise that.Everything is assumed to be connected back to the psych diagnosis, and unfortunately mh professionals are not always the brightest of people.


Sometimes they don’t update medical records … they really need to look into getting a front page summary kind of thing on their system … so dx and med details are on there. So then it’s easier to see rather than going through each attachment

I am a bit wary of some pd dx. As a medical student over and over I saw ‘lazy’ doctors giving someone a paranoid pd when they simply failed to respond adequately to APs.


Yeah and one tried to call me to tell me why I’ve quit my med when I was instructed not to (the Abilify) Went round in circles for 15-30 mins. She was angry. But then as she read further it said keep taking Abilify every other day for a month then quit.

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Sorry that happened to you @anon80629714. Unfortunately you can get treated like a second class citizen sometimes in the uk if you are on APs.

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My dx was changed from schizoaffective mixed type to PD NOS(later changed to paranoid) soon after I said the AP only partially helped me. Of course it didn’t help that I was regularly missing doses due to forgetfulness.

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I might make stupid decisions at times but I’m capable and responsible.

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Bet they failed to properly ascertain that you weren’t always taking meds as regular as can be.

They never bothered to ask . I was on olanzapine which tended to zonk me out. Not good when looking after a wife with dementia.

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