Disorginized or not?

So earlier I woke up pissy af (depressive episode of bipolar, I think. But I also tapered off caffeine (because I am too low on money rn) and nicotine about a week or 2 ago ). Accidentially broke something of mine, and I just got super stressed and wouldnt even eat until I fixed it. I didnt but I snapped out of it when my friend wanted a ride home (i told him he could leave but ig he took it as i wanted him to), i swear I was just ranting absolute jiberish to him, And we stopped by a friends house where I was also ranting jiberish to them (it made sense to me but I swear nobody understood what I was saying given there response)
I told my friend I wanted him to stay here when I was at his house. I meant stay at my house. I somehow conveyed that to him, no clue how

The past few days ive been all over the place. I was told to go to one store and I went to another. Then i couldnt find what I wanted so I thought I would go to the hardware store. I went to a different store then that and have no clue why.

I was taking a test earlier and it just didnt make sense. (i get the subject fine I just didnt understand it)

I havent had any psychotic stuff for a year or so now so I dont know if its psychotic or not.

Are you on any meds? Do you have a doctor you could check in with?

have you been agitated? Have you been sleeping well? Have you been taking your meds? What meds do you take?

No. I havent had a major episode in like 2 years other than mild bipolar 2 cycles so im not on any APs.
I have been a heavy caffeine user for the period and only quit recently because I lost my job and dont have the money for energy drinks. But its been long enough I dont think its W/D. Ive only used nicotine semi regularly for a few months, but i did quit that too so idk.

Idk. I always did wonder if caffeine kept me stable.( when I had actual psychosis caffeine would relax the episode for me), but idk.

I asked my friend if he understood much I said today and he shook his head

I mean ive been somewhat agitated, but I assumed that was caffeine widthdrawl. Disorginization not so much.

Ive been sleeping poorly, but yesterday I slept for a good 9 hours.

I havent been taking meds because I havent had psychotic or full manic episodes in a while (just steady hypomania for a while, until I quit caffeine and nicotine, then I got depressed).

You strike me as hypomanic but Iā€™m not a dr so what do I know

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