Disney/ABC Marginalizes Mental Illness In Tasteless Modern Family Episode


I have seen some episodes in the past. I will never watch this show ever again - I am sick and tired of the television and movie industry stigmatizing mental illness in this fashion. Its a real shame. I have been watching less television and this includes the news. Lots of junk out there - violence, sex and sensationalism litters the industry - sick of all the crap!


Oh no! I’ve seen a few episodes of that show, and I never really liked it. I’m surprised they’d do something so awful, though!

Now if he had hand written this and posted it in. It might have some weight and value. To just post it on the net and on his own site is just as offensive to me. The chances someone from Disney or ABC will come across it is slim at the least. So he’s just getting fans by pushing the flavour of the month.

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I just watched that episode of modern family, me and my family generally like the show but I’m upset. It’s surprising to me that they’d use such insulting words to reference mental illness and seem so innocent about it. As if the writer’s are oblivious to the fact it’s insulting when chances are most of them have dealt with mental illness in their own lives. I hope they lose some viewers to their ignorance, I know they lost me.

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If you wanted to make a deal out of this, you’d have to contact the wrong people in the wrong ways. There’s a ton of ways but they couldn’t be that appropriate if you wanted to make a hit. That letter was too appropriate to be seen or at least taken as something that mattered I think

ABC went downhill after they cancelled What About Bob with Jim Belushi. I liked that show better than Modern Family.

I agree…is there a way to repost that letter where a lot of people would see that? Since he put it online himself for anyone to see-we would not need permission…
Where can we repost this? I do not have twitter.
maybe post on NAMI`S site?


Nami has a FB page, but you cant post on it. As an organization-what is NAMI actually doing?????? City support groups are good, but what are the top people of this doing? Why didnt they catch this?

Admin----where can this be posted?

Mental Health America

Fountain House

Canadian Mental Health Association

Mental Health Awareness

Mind Your Mind

I hate to say it, but I’ve come to expect this from Disney. They are not as nice and sweet as some people believe.

I take great issue with Disney, and I usually stay away from stuff they have their mark on.


I posted it on a facebook group i’m in… I’m sure they will circulate being parents…