Discuss the prolonging of the qt interval of your heart due to antipsychotics with your pdoc

it is known that all antipsychotics typical and atypical cause a prolongation of the qt interval of your heart. This is heart damage.
Have a discussion with your pdoc concerning your overall medical health and the affects of the medication prescribed. In my case, I was sent to a cardiologist who informed of this. I am having surgery because of it on Friday.

Post back when you’ve recovered. Thanks for the caution. We’re all rooting for you!

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You know they check my heart all the time but I think they just want me to get a graduate degree, write a book and then die without having kids.

Either that or my interval is okay.

I am 50/50 on this.

I think some medications are worse for this than others.

Saphire - what medication have you been on, and for how long?

That sucks that you have to have surgery. I’m not really concerned about the medicine causing that though, cuz I’m kind of hoping to die young. I love my family, but I’m sick of all the worries and cares of this world.

I have been on Geodon for five years. For one of those years I was taking 240mg a day before it quit working and I was hospitalized. I have also been on Risperidone and Invega and Saphris. I’ve had allergic reactions to zyprexa and seroquel which have landed me in the hospital. I have taken haldol for six months. Recently I had severe reactions to Abilify. Now I am off all antipsychotics.

I was having heart pains for a while - small ones, except for one time that got my attention. They seem to have gone away now. With me there seems to be an emotional component to it. Whenever I go on an emotional binge the heart pains come. I’ve been taking 160 mg Geodon and 800 mg Seroquel for over ten years, and they have kept me stable. I think I am going to stick with med’s that have given me a decent quality of life for a long time. If I have to die young that’s just the way it goes.

No. Get your heart checked out like @saphire2014 suggested. Don’t let it get worse. It may not even be due to APs, you don’t know.

I have developed a heart condition also, most likely due to meds. Thats what my cardiologists seem to think.

For me I never had heart problems before AP meds. I did excercise many times a week. But Im probably overly sensitive to meds. Im just a little pissed that I was not believed by Pdoc or GP.

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There’s always something wrong with this or that or the other with what we involve our lives with such as psyche meds etc… I became “MI” this way because of some bad choices abusing illegal drugs. It’s like I told my primary care doctor that I would refuse treatment for any life threatening condition that I have helped to bring about myself, even though I’m not in a hurry to have this life come to an end. I really would like to live forever, but only if I were in good health all around.

Sounds like distorted thinking. Just get things sorted and start a new chapter would be a better idea.

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I’m just a little depressed today because my doctor didn’t give me the proper prescription for my anti- depressant and my truck is not road worthy all of a sudden and my back hurts really bad all day but I am not on any narcotic mediations and I spend too much time by myself, maybe I should just write a book.

What is so distorted anyway?

That would get anybody down, sorry to hear that.

No, don’t be sorry, I have been told that I dwell on the negatives about everything too much, and that I talk badly about myself as well.

I know that Risperdal is messing with my heart - it gave me Tachycardia fast and hard heart beats when I was on doses above 3 mg - it is still probably messing with my heart now on 2.5 mg - I still get some pains and glitches from time to time.

I am sorry that you are going through this @saphire2014 - I wish you well