Discuss: curly hair

I’ve always had curly hair especially in the summer. I always thought it was unattractive cuz I had it. But now I don’t think it’s so unattractive. Well I don’t think it’s attractive but I think it’s intriguing. Maybe that is a way of attraction, through intrigue.

I’ve always covered up my curly hair with hats and whatnot. In the summer humidity my hair gets really curly.

I’m a tad bit insecure about my hair

The girl I liked the most ever once commented on my hair. I went to class without a hat for the first time. She was like “YOUR HAIR” I was like “yeah”.

Discuss curly hair

I’ll probably be bald by the time I appreciate it.


My nephew has curly hair. It is quality. He grew it out over lockdown and it totally suits him. He looks like a wee boy from straight out of 70s San Francisco!


Does he look at all like this

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My husband has curly hair,

More so than yours and yours is pretty curly.

He hated it too when he was younger.

He styles it nice for workdays and lets it free on the days he’s off.

My son also has curly hair, not as much as my husband, still curly though.


I’m a full on curly and fought it all my life spending thousands of dollars having it chemically straightened. It was exhausting.

These days I just let it do its thing - wash and wear.

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Nah. When I say he has long hair is only like 2 inches long than yours. I don’t know - he just looks like hi is from the 70s

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@Sarah i see you posting. I definitely find your hair attractive

Then again it’s dirty/blonde so I find curly hair blonde more usual

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Going grey Tupac lol.

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My mom has been going grey since pandemic. Is a nice look too. She’s naturally blonde too.

I was blonde as a wee lad. Then it turned brown


I have always been dirty blonde. I think the correct term is ash blonde.

I like curls on men too. That surfie/hippie look.

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Ash blonde :blonde_woman: :blonde_man:

You learn something new every day :thinking: :man_shrugging:

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I had heard of strawberry blonde, platinum blonde, and dirty blonde but now ash blonde.

I remember as a teen looking like a fifty year old due to my hair colour. I did dye it platinum throughout my late teens and twenties.

Do you use any special products on your curls @Jonnybegood or just natural?

Lol totally natural my hair is

I just use normal shampoo

Why do they make shampoo to make you more curly??? Or what products?

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Your hair is nice. Don’t hide it. It’s an asset


There are a zillion products for curly hair. Supposedly to try and tame the curls.

There are also many different types of curl pattern (apparently).


Just a style preference that has waxed and waned with times.

Nothing unattractive about curly hair, just a different style.

You rock you dude.


Awww thanks @Ooorgle :blush:

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Mr. Star and I use Cantu curling cream for our hair. It is great. There is off brand stuff by Suave, but it’s like 30% more water so I don’t know if you’re actually saving any money, because you have to use more of it.

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I love curls :heart_eyes:

It may be because like 99%of my family members have painfully straight hair, including me.

I just think it adds life to a person’s look.
And for guys it gives extra cuteness