Discontinuing Antipsychotics

So today I spoke to my doctor who thought he wanted to try taking me off meds, I’m scared I may relapse but also happy to be med free and hopefully lose weight. I gained 75 pounds since being on antipsychotics which has been almost a year. I was on Abilify for a few weeks and they on invega for 9 months and Haldol for about 2.5 months and gained weight on all. We’re hopeful I’ll be okay because I have been symptom free and my psychosis was drug induced and I haven’t touched weed since I was hospitalized and put on medication. I also was only on 1mg a day Haldol which is a very low dose he says and I was okay. Sometimes I would even skip my meds for a couple days. Has anyone went med free? This is not for anyone to tell
me I’m going to relapse rather to share me experience.


If it’s a drug-induced psychosis, then it’s quite possible you will be okay. I knew two people who started hearing voices, etc from doing speed. They were each on meds for a year or two, but both were weaned off them after staying clean for a while and they were okay. Of course, they know they cannot under any circumstances use drugs again.

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Be Sedulous!! Everyone knows that going without your meds may cause symptoms, and people need to be vigilant to symptoms returning if they wanna do this. Separating reality from the illness isn’t always obvious we know that too.