Disabled parking badge - I am eligible and applied for it

I have this on my disability report:

Mobility - for the 2 mobility activities you scored:

Planning and following a journey (scored 10 out of 12)

You cannot undertake any journey because it would cause you overwhelming psychological distress.

Because of this I can get a disability badge for my car

This will help me, as I get so stressed with travelling places, so I just don’t do it much

Maybe this might help being able to have easy access to parking

I know there has been debate on this issue before when @mrhappy posted about it, but I think it will actually help me in my circumstances


I guess it depends on the country. In Belgium it’s only possible to get a parking badge for a physical disability. But I have found we are more accommodating to physical illnesses than mental.

But I would say ‘lucky you’. Enjoy!


I have one from when I had a back injury, but before I stopped driving, I admit I used it due to agoraphobia. Now I’m always with someone, so I dont use it.

Good for you for getting one. It should help.

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In Trinidad the disable get bus passes to ride the buses for free. But the bus service is not reliable.

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you have to score 12 points on the Planning and following a journey due to severe distress to be able to get high rate mobility which then entities one to a blue badge.

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I filled out the form online and all the details, and it said I was eligible.

We’ll see what happens when the council deal with it

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I got the 12 points due to my paranoia in public and me mouthing off to people thinking they are out to get me. This only happens sometimes but it was enough to get high rate pip.

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I got standard rate for both and got one.


The whole PIP process is flawed.

Honestly could not be bothered to argue with them

They ignored me, and just basically made up a load of rubbish

At least I got it without a f2f

This time 6 years enhanced daily living and standard mobility

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I didn’t have to attend a medical. I have been on DLA and now PIP for 20 years since I was 17 and never had to attend a medical, always paper based but I had social workers and support staff filling in the forms. I was on DLA for 15 years none stop without being assessed.

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I am glad they have not caused you lots of problems

Some people get shafted quite literally by their processes

Especially the newer benefits are designed to exclude as many people as possible with only the savings cared about - not the people


I’m a member of a FB benefits page and their is alot of people being shafted. If you don’t have MH support from secondary services they ignore you. Also if you drive they seem to use that against you.

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Hey Joker & Bobbilly, My previous username was mrhappy & i wasnt eligible for a blue badge (and a lot of people made a real stink about it when i was trying to apply a while ago) i kind of feel hard done by as i still get DLA and i’m in the support group & bc i get low mobility for being paranoid when ill its not enough for a blue badge apparently,

Maybe when i get assessed for the new benefit it will allow me to get a blue badge, as things stand at the moment i am getting a business permit for parking at my mental health charity it costs about £650 a year.

Hey @Resilient1 they approved my badge this week

It was the psychological distress descriptor from my PIP award that made me qualify

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Man, Bill Clinton hurt his leg and was crippled for awhile AND he was president of the United States. Can you imagine the great parking spots he must have gotten?!?!

Thats great Joker, I am considering my options, i am still getting DLA and i am wondering if i should ask to move over to the new benefit, we have started ADP here now in the last year which stand for Adult Disability Payment and this replaces PIP and at this stage i feel pretty bad bc i havent been assessed for a long time and would like to get it over with so i’m looking at my options,

Dyou think you will use your badge much?

My dad has a rear view mirror hanger for his van because he has MS and one of his legs doesn’t work right. He doesn’t often take the handicapped parking spots, I guess because he feels there are people who are more disabled then him. I have seen him take them on occasions when parking is sparse, though.

I don’t have a handicap tag personally, even though I am technically officially disabled because of sz. I think it’s meant primarily for people with physical handicaps here.


Probably only when I need to park for the clinic in town.

On a few occasions I have tried to go pick up meds/script etc, and I get so stressed as there is no where to park!

Some of the times I give up and drive home without my meds, then my mother has to go get them

At least with the badge I can park get my script and get the hell out of the town

It will only be for a few mins to pick up stuff, not parking for a long time

I could get one, but I feel that they’re best for physically disabled people. My husband got special permanent tags for our van instead of the blue tag you hang on the rearview mirror.

Legally, I’m not supposed to use them unless he is in the vehicle. Even on my worst mental days I can still walk whereas there’s many people that cannot that need those closer spots.

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Totally agree this should be the case.

However, I convinced myself to apply for one to be more independent to get around the town to various medical appointments and collection of prescriptions

The times I go usually there is plenty of empty spaces in the nearby car park for disabled people

Recently I drove around the town about 6 times to find a space, and I could not so I didn’t bother picking up the script, so my mother had to do it.

It will only be used in my case sparingly and for medical related stuff

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