Pdoc appt today

It was ok, he said i definitely have a mental illness and my meds are working fine, i told him i’ve been up and down with my gf too.

and i mentioned the blue badge thing to him and he was supportive about it, i said i had reservations about it and that most people think you have to have physical mobility issues to qualify but he was happy to help bc he knows that mentally incapacitated people have mobility issues too sometimes, he said he would support me. so now i just have to go into the office and try and prove ‘again’ that i have a hidden illness that affects my mobility sometimes.


good to hear appiontment went good doesnt your mom have mobility issues?

yes, she is registered deaf/blind

Did you ask him about Risperidone 8mg?

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Again with the blue badge thing.

You’ve never mentioned having mobility issues before,

You said the reason you wanted it was that it’d save you a ton in parking fees.

I can’t believe you’re going forward with this.

no i didnt, why would i ask him that? lol

Won’t you get the card because of her though since you drive her around?

No, she needs it for other things