Does sz patient have right to park at disabled parking lot in your country?

İ m just confused about disabled parking seems we have no right to park disabled parking lots and only orthopedic disable patients have right to park?

Why would we be parking in disabled spots? It’s for people who have disabilities related to mobility.


My dad has stage 4 heart disease and so can’t exert himself too much. He has a disabled parking pass.

@velociraptor above is right, it’s for people with mobility problems.

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I’m 55 years old now and get priority parking at my local Drugstore.


That’s because we’re loose wallets in that environment at our age…

“Oooh, Prep H, 15% off if you buy four tubes…”

[ sound of basket being filled ]



İ m not defending anything just asking for curiousity.


I think the parking perk is to encourage you to sign up with their Pharmacy.


well, not sound like a good person, but I never take the closest spot.

that should be for mother’s and children.

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I just use the parking spot outside of my home and have my pills delivered.

somebody suggested that, I think a home visit nurse, delivery,
the retiree comes 3 hours later, whenever he gets on shift,

wouldn’t mind giving him a job to do.

No. In fact there’s lots of people of people who do have a parking permit but shouldn’t. My sister has one because she has downs syndrome. I think most people who do have one need the exercise. The mother parking spots make sense as young children don’t know to look both ways and stay safe.

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You don’t know what other’s limitations are by looks. We have disabled plates because of my husband. He looks like a muscular healthy man. But in reality he can’t feel his hands or his feet/lower legs, and has collapsed vertebrae, and ruptured discs. He uses a cane, but we’ve gotten looks from people that make assumptions.

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You can get a disabled parking badge if you or someone in your family has a mental disorder. I used to have one when I worked with a girl who had behavioral issues. I know a few folks with TBIs who have them. I don’t personally know anyone who has one for themselves as the driver in my state, except for physical reasons. I would worry that if I applied for a handicapped badge for mental health reasons, I would be at risk of losing my license.

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I have absolutely no idea. I don’t think so though.

My father has a handicap placard.
He’s 87 years old and has a very hard time walking.

He uses a special cane.

He suffers with mobility issues because of his shattered back and myleodysplastic syndrome.

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I was thinking of obtaining a disability placard because of my agoraphobia.
But decided not to get one in the end.

My mum has a blue badge & some mentally ill folk do get awarded one too but it is extremely difficult,

In uk its not just for disabled spots, i spoke about this a long time ago, if i had one i would only use it so i didnt have to pay a parking meter bc they cost a fortune, (i think i got abuse for suggesting this a while ago)

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