Disability momey

I live rent free with my parents who don’t want my disability money so I’ll be getting 700 a month to spend on whatever. I feel like this is too much money. Is anyone else in the same situation as me? My boyfriend pays for my cell phone too and whatever else I want.

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It’s going up 6% in January too.

I would save.

I wouldn’t if OP is on ssi.

Even cash they’d be able to figure if your saving probably

I live with my parents now too but I pay for rent, some food and takeout, phone, a streaming service, my doctors and dentist appointments, Amazon prime, my Stash app service and cigarettes for me and mom. I usually still have some left over to save at the end of the month though.

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get a hollowed out dictionary that has a lock. Keep some money in there just in case

Don’t you find it suspicious that I have access to so much money?

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Not particularly no. Why do you find it suspicious?

I just feel like it’s somehow connected to the North Korea thing.

I really don’t think so flowers20. I get more than you’re getting through SSDI and I have no connection to the North Korea thing.

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Do you keep that or does that go into rent?

Some goes to rent. I spend some but I usually have money left over for the month.

You should be happy you are getting the money and not be so suspicious of it’s origins.

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How much do you have total after rent?

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After rent I have a little over $1000

Okay so you’re sort of like me then.

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I get guilt about how much I receive, too. Maybe donate some money to a good charity.

The situation is too good to last forever. Make the most of it. Buy a couple luxuries like a stereo or some nice clothes or headphones or something. It feels great to have money but things come up; it never lasts. Aj dental bill can wipe out your savings in one day. Save some. Get cash and save some for a rainy day.

How much do you pay for doctors and dentists appointments if you don’t mind my asking? Don’t you have insurance?

Why is it too good to last forever?

I have medicare which does not cover dental. It pays for most of my doctors visits and the like but not all of it. I have to pay all dental costs myself. I can’t give you a specific amount because the costs vary depending on what I am having done.