Disability insurance for sz/sza

how does this work? I keep losing jobs due to cognitive affects getting worse and worse. I do not want disability but it may be my only option…I’ve heard SSA often rejects disability claims. Any advice?

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I’m going through the disability process right now. My father is doing most of the heavy lifting for me


I am also waiting for a reply from social security. Because I have not worked long enough I have to apply for SSI. I got denied last year but I reapplied.

I advise you to have someone who doesn’t have cognitive difficulties help you with the paperwork. Reply to any correspondence promptly. Make sure to go to all medical appointments.

If your Dr. verifies your diagnosis, and thus documents your symptoms, why
would they deny your claim? I’ve been working for 20 years.

I don’t know why they deny people. I applied and got approved right away. But I’m very good with paperwork and I didn’t have any correspondence to reply back to like other people usually do. They didn’t ask me to see their doctor because I had enough medical evidence from my own doctors. I also had been unable to work for a year and had been on state disability so that made it obvious that I met the criteria and therefore I got approved. If you’ve been working it’s going to be hard to prove that you’re unable to work, I’m sure you’ll be denied based on that fact alone. You may want to try after you’ve been unable to work, then that kinda shows that you are in fact disabled.


If you have extensive documentation from your own doctor you should be fine. That seems to be the thing that makes the biggest difference.

When I applied I was still on FMLA while in the hospital with no chance of going back to work. I applied and got approved all within a month or so while I was in and out of the hospital. I had to wait 3 months to get my first check because I hadn’t been unemployed for the full 6 months required to get it yet. So it’s totally possible. Only one way to find out.


Disability doesn’t do much and medicare supplental plans plans suck if your only 38. Sometimes I think maybe I could go back to work and my drs are like ummm no… don’t you remember your breakdown at work when you hallucinated in front of everyone and then slit your wrists…and tried again and stress got to you and you tried to I’ll yourself again and ended up in ER with a mouthful of charcoal…but I was making 4 times as much after insurance and taxes taken out. No more Hawaii trips, etc. acceptance is something hard for me, and I felt too proud to go on disability but drs had to snap me into reality…I’m suffering from a mental illness and my tardive dyskinesia is a big stumbling block, too oh and long qtc so I can’t be on right meds…

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Like @leafy I applied and was approved within 4 months. I’m also very good at paperwork. My pdoc was awesome helping out.

I had seven failed job attempts in a row and applied after I quit my last job and was approved in 100 days but had veterans preference and a 100% VA disability rating.


Get the best disability attorney in your city. This is very, very important. That’s how I got my son’s disability. He got his first check within three months.

With me, my pdoc and social worker filled out all the papers. I didn’t have to do a thing. I got my first check within three months. But, that was a longer time ago. Nowadays, you have to hire a lawyer.

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