Difficulty breathing... sometimes!

Maybe it is partly my MI causing difficulty in breathing… I tried to call the insurance GP on the phone and I was gasping for breath… He said might be weight but I have lost some and I didn’t have this problem before… it is new…

Are you in work today @anon80629714?

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I have trouble breathing on risperidone, feels like I’m gonna die. This all stopped when I added a small dose of Abilify. I hate risperidone for this reason in particular.

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You could be allergic to your meds.

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I am on rispridal too i feel difficult to breath…i want to switch to seroquel …!!!

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Let me pm you bnbnn

I am on Abilify and I think you’re right. It might be the cause.

Hope it will get better.

Have you kept your Dr updated about it?

I feel like my throats is being strangled sometimes and my eyes sometimes hurt and a few other things.

Is it like asthma or anxiety?


Its more of an anxiety zilija…!!!

I notice it more when I’m thinking about something or when someone is talking

I had difficulties breathing when I stopped taking latuda.
It was intense and hysterical and anxiety etc so I quickly got back on latuda and it got better but still feel pressure on eyes , blurred vision when reading and like my throats is being strangled.

Good wishes to you!!!:two_hearts:

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I’m on my meds. Gp said it’s anxiety

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