Shortness of breath, i am in a terrible condition now

Anyone experienced shortness of breath after lowering medication?
From the time i wake up untill i sleep i have shortness of breath, i went to ER they done bloodwork and sent me home, i cant breath and my doctor office is close today for columbos day

Within 10 days it progressed

Could be sleep apnea. Have you ever been tested for that?

What did the doctors there tell you?

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At ER the doctor dont know whats the cause, he let me go home and wait to see any change, i am barely breathing

I never tested for sleep apnea, the symptom started on the 2nd and progressed.

@Mindwhisperer are you sure its from the Risperdal withdrawal? It could be anxiety, maybe coming from the withdrawal?


there are many causes of shortness of breath. in your case i think the most probably cause is sever anxiety. try antianxiety drugs like diazepam…etc.

If your having shortness of breath even whil your awake…it probably not sleep apnea. I thought it was only when your sleeping.

I am not sure of anything, i am just trying to figure out, it can as well caused by antibiotic that i took 3 weecks ago.
I started having shortness of breath 8 days ago in the evening and it slowly progressed from morning untill i sleep.

I do hope that you feel better soon @Mindwhisperer

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Other then the shortness of breath are you feeling anxious? I’m wondering if this could be a panic or anxiety episode?

Just googling Risperdal and shortness of breath I see it is a side effect. Not a common one. It says to tell your dr immediately of the side effect. But as Barbie points out it could also be anxiety or stress related too. I think your best bet is to contact your pdoc right away.

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Its not anxiety, i called my hollistic doctor and she said its caused by antibotic, so tomorrow i have to see her to get liquid that will solve the problem… And my primary doctor says its not related to antibiotic…but i believe my hollistic doctor because i was already suspecting antibiotic may be the cause even though its been over 10 days that i stoped taking it.

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Risperdal is not the cause, its the amoxicilin that caused it, hopefully its not a permenent damage.

Didn’t you mention oxegon a few days ago?

Are you taking this?

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Yes i have recieved it today and i am using, i havent notice difference in breathing better, but it will do some good in time.

As an asthmatic, I can say from experience sometimes an inhaler is needed. Best to get a fast-acting inhaler like albuterol.

I have had it due to medication/ orap.
since i stopped taking it, it went better.
I still have shortness of breath but i guess that is due too smoking
and overall condition.

Alias, the shortness of breath was the cause of antipsychotic or other. And did you had shortness of breath all day for weeks

How is your shortness of breath today?