I'm being trolled by 3 unknown people on my phone

They’ve been texting me all night. Local area codes.

scammers can make it look like any phone number, I get calls everyday from the same scammers and they keep changing the caller ID number. It can look like a local call but it could be coming from anywhere in the world. I use the Mr Number app and it can tell if it coming from a computer, land line or cell phone and I can block and report with it


Are you talking about a scam to get you to pay money?

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Some calls are some are to try and get info and some I have googled the numbers and others are reporting it but have no idea what they want

some things done to us, people related to me,

the emails are compromised, saying it is this person
from their email address, sent out to their contacts
that they were robbed and need money to get home.

Have you ever had that happen?

Yes, other peoples e mails were hacked and they used it to send e mails to their contacts, I don’t really have any friends on mine so most come from customers, I usually try not to open them if the first line makes no sense to me.


yeah, I’ve received quite a few, but this was a couple of years ago,
and I know that Yahoo is trying to get more secure.

This has happened on my cell phone before, they have called a few times,
and didn’t leave a message, and I called back, guy answered and said,

“oh, my roommate must have called the wrong number.”

then the next day I get more calls from the same number.
I call back and let this guy have it, and then he stops calling.

The woman tonight told me to Get a grip (in a text message)
in other words, we can do whatever we want.

This happens to me VERY frequently. Calls from Dallas, Knoxville, Compton, you name it. Or I’ll get a call from a local number, text it and ask “Who is this?” and get a reply saying “I didn’t call you.” That’s happened twice now. Very unusual, very frustrating.

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add the numbers to auto-reject


how do I do that?

I’ve got a smart phone.

on android mine has an auto reject option. so maybe look up your phone model on google with a search on how to use auto reject

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On my phone it’s called block this caller. But if they change where they’re calling from then it won’t help.

I had a call from Iraq even about a week ago, I thought it was because I answered an ad for health insurance.

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I get nuisance calls, too!


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If you ever answer the phone and they figure out you’re elderly OR not all there.

Then they target you and keep calling you hoping to trip you up into revealing your credit card
or social security number hoping to fraud you out of refunds and stuff.

So I just never answer the phone. If its important enough, they’ll call back.
Or if the names of family appear, I can answer that.

My husband fell for the IRS is trying to get money from you. “I” had to say honey, that’s a delusion.

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