Difference between Risperdal and Risperidone (generics)?

Hi All
What is the difference between Risperdal and generics ? I’m currently taking much cheaper generics and I’m generally fine. Is there any benefit of shifting to Risperdal ? If somebody has experience of both types please revert.

Both have the same chemical ( risperdal) but the add on chemicals are different from one generic to other generic including brand. If you cant tollerate the side effects stick with it, if not you can try from different manufacturer.

When it comes to brain - psych meds I started off my medication journey with brand name meds - more than one pdoc told me that if you are used to brand name - stick with brand name and dont go generic. Generics are cheaper and they may use different fillers than brand name meds. If you are used to the generics and the risperidone is working for you I dont see a reason to switch - but personally I prefer brand name meds in general