Did you notice a difference between brand and generic

If you have taken both, what changes did you notice

yes I did it even from generic to generic, but I dont remember what was that.

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About foods, I notice quite a difference in quality. About meds, I have no choice. My insurance requires me to take generic.

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No difference. I am prescribed Olanzapine (tablet form).

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Big difference. I started out on my medication journey using brand name only. I was told that if you start out with brand and you are used to this - stick with brand, do not go generic. I notice when I use generics my stomach pays the price

I have been going through withdrawal symptoms for about a week now. Same med and dosage, just a change from name brand to generic. I did not know why I was so sick. Went to doc yesterday. As there have been no other changes she attributed it to this and instructed me to contact other local pharmacies and attempt to find another generic of the same med under a separate manufacturer.

Thats true. Its good that your doc trying to pin point the issue and offering help. My doc is there to ruin my life, as i less trust my pdoc and and do my own research, i am able to tell her what i need and what i don’t need. Now i would like to change my med, but if i do i have to let my doc decides which med would be good, since i don’t have any experience with other med, and i am afraid to let him decide.