Didnt stop all day lol

i had a pretty tough day, i went out and met some friends at the cafe and voted after and then went to my voluntary work and after that i had to drive to my mums to help move furniture, then came home and then went out to see a friend and then i went to the pub to have a beer and it was open mic night… i think i’ll sleep tonight lol

tbh idk how i did it, i am really glad i am able to cope with so much and tbh i think i actually might have enjoyed it, feel like i’ve achieved a few things anyway.

time wise it went-

  • cafe & vote 11am-12.35pm
  • volunteer admin 1pm- 3.20pm
  • helping mum 3.20pm- 5pm
  • eat out pizza and friends 6.30pm- 8.40pm
  • pub open mic 8.40pm- 10.10pm

I forgot to vote :frowning:

I too would enjoy all your activities but I couldn’t organize a schedule like that!

My day went like this:

07:30 get ready for work
08:30 travel to work
09:00 work
17:00 travel home
17:30 wash/change
18:00 entertain girlfriend
23:00 internet


My day

Awake at 9 - coffee, emails
10: bus stop - bus route change, walk for 10 minutes
wait the next bus till 10:50
Therapy at 11:20 till 12
12:30 injection

3:00 pm home
emails and chat on this forum
5: 00 wash the dishes and clean up
7:00 shower

having popcorn

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My mother would have said “You had a big day.”


Thats amazing! I used to be able to do stuff like that but now I’m limited to maybe a grocery trip during the day and If I’m up for it I’ll have a friend over for a couple of hours. Thats as busy as my day gets including hobbies at home. I hope for more fun filled adventures for you!


Damn, that’s a full day! :slight_smile: I was off from work today, and I spent most of my day sitting at my desk/computer. I got some work stuff, done, though. Did that and just got home from a trip to get my medications, stop by work to check my upcoming schedule, and picked up some groceries. Still need to make something for dinner. That’s a pretty full day for me, for not having to work.


here was my schedule:

  • 12:00am Survive

schedule usually doesn’t change.