Didn't lose but didn't gain either

I weighed myself this morning and my weight hasn’t budged at all.
Didn’t gain after a month but didn’t lose any weight either.
I’ve been trying to eat less and move around a bit more but I’m bummed that I didn’t lose any weight.
Anyone else not losing any weight?


My weight has remained the same over the last six months.

I try to be optimistic !!

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sorry @Wave :frowning:

My weight loss is slow but I am losing body fat percentage. Do you have a scale which measures also body fat etc?

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My scale doesn’t measure body fat @mermaid1.

That doesn’t happen to me…I found a diet that works and the pounds are really coming off…I substitute low sodium V 8 for two meals a day… I hardly eat anything. and I exercise.


Yeah you told us.
Good for you @jukebox!
I’ve been eating more frozen dinners, I’ll see how it goes.

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I lost about 4 kg in a month on Atkins but then came off the diet. So I haven’t lost anymore.

But I’m cutting down on carbs (not as strict as Atkins) and feel like I’m eating a lot less.

Whether or not that will translate into weight loss remains to be seen…


Good going @everhopeful!
Good luck!