Did your parents try to make a wunderkind out of you?

Always, with me. She’s already on solids, she’s already toilet trained, she can play the piano, she can read and write, and so on.

My Family Never Cared About Me or Talked About Me Unless it Was With The Intention to Embarrass Me.

But I’m Schizoaffective So That All Must Be My Imagination.

Ya’know Life is Funny…,

Seriously it is… . …


I Am Usually Made to Feel Insignificant. And It Seems People Always Want to Know What Makes Me Afraid. To Show The Witnesses How Insignificant I Truly Am.


And a Sadly Meaningless Way to Live.

Which Then in Turn Makes My Life Meaningless.


Problematic Situation And Puzzle With Many Reasons to Call it Quits.


I Won’t Give ANYONE, Anyone, ANYONE,

That Kind of Satisfaction.

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