Poll: What type of hallucination do you primarily experience?

I always mess up polls when I try to make them so if it doesn’t come out right at first bear with me :slight_smile:

  • Visual

  • Auditory

  • Tactile

  • Other

  • I experience all or multiple of these equally

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In case anyone’s interested, apparently auditory hallucinations are supposed to be the most common type. So I’m curious to see how that will hold up here. Personally I almost never get auditory hallucinations anymore though I used to experience them frequently when I was young.

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I don’t hallucinate except when I’m in an episode which has been like 8 or 9 times in 15 years. A lot!
But when I do have these episodes the level of loss of contact with reality is unreal. I literally don’t know if I hear things see things or just experience everything in an extremely vivid way. I would say all of the above to the question and then some

I had more auditory hallucinations when I was young, mainly music. Now it’s primarily visual when I’m under a lot of stress or sleep deprived.

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I have none. So I answered other.

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I get some small things, I think people call them glitches.

Things spinning when I know they are not moving, my computerscreen bending like a floppy page of cardboard, or bumps in the road being the wrong way up. Nothing fancy.

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I get them all, but less intense than previously. When I was young the auditory were really loud, and they’re fewer and not as loud now. I have less frequent visual and tactile, but still everyday for all.
And the “tweaks” of things vibrating/moving, etc, when they’re not is throughout the day everyday…

When I’m alone a lot I get more auditory hallucinations. The voices are a little quieter when i’m around people. But the visual hallucinations get bad when I’m around people.

Edit: Thinking about it more, the auditory hallucinations are always coming in the same amount. So i should’ve voted auditory instead of multiple the same.

Tactile and auditory for me.

I don’t Hallucinate often, but when I do it’s more Visual, but I sometimes will hear things that are not there.

Delusions and Paranoia are more common with me.

I have auditory, hearing things not voices, it isn’t all the time. I get visual but again it isn’t often. As for tactile only one time comes to mind and that was thinking someone had put a tarantula down my throat and I could feel it in one of my lungs. My biggest problem is delusion, the world my mind creates.

I hear voices. I see things. Most of what I see is actually just distortion, or what I think you call glitches. Things moving that are really just standing still, the walls curving or being wavy, etc. But sometimes I do see shadow people, insects, and even demons. I also have tactile hallucinations which mostly involve insects crawling on me or my bed moving. My bed started moving last night and it was terrible, it was shaking so violently! I had to bring out my Seroquel from the old days because that’s about the only thing that will totally knock me out.

I also have delusions but not that often. They’re always “persecutory” delusions. I never believe that I’m Moses or anything. I always think someone is trying to get me or that there are cameras everywhere or that I have a tracking chip in me (I really do have one). But I never get the “I’m Jesus, bow before me!” kind of delusions. I miss out on all the fun stuff.

I also get paranoia even without delusions and right now that’s my biggest problem. I’ve never found a medication that really 100% gets rid of it and even when my other symptoms basically go away I still have a bad amount of paranoia and I really hate it.

I wish I could get a hug right now. From a really hot guy.

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If it wasn’t for risperidone I would have constant auditory hallucinations with some tactile mixed in.

None really, my problem was delusions.

Awesome poll. Not sure if relevant as mostly stable these days although do seem to follow the odd thought still.

auditory hallucinations that are really strong and real… so everywhere i go people comment on my life and what i do… or they verbally attack me.

im pretty stable these days but it used to be mostly auditory, but also visual , seeing purple lights moving around, these red or green tornado swirling colors moving around the room, my desk one time jumped like several feet, and typical walls bending or breathing (which i dont really count as hallucinating) just distorted vision. and lots of closed eye hallucinations.

Me too. Come on good looking gentlemen of the forum… Step up :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: