Did your ap give you an energy?

I was like this for years…

I feel something inside my head which was giving me this tiring sensation in my body… Did your ap help you on this? Maybe I have some thought disorder who reflects on my body, I feel it like this… Is it tough to heal the thought disorder? But I have probably some somatic sensations too to be like this :confused: .
Today, I have an energy, I feel less this bad energy. But I still cant think well on some things.

Abilify made me so manic and full of energy things ended bad.
It gave me flashing lines behind my eyes I couldn’t close them.

I see, thanks for the answer :slight_smile: Me I cant stand abilify because of the anxiety. I was in need of something calming I guess, that’s why I am on the good old Zyprexa now.

yea zyprexa is great im really happy on it at the moment

but is it strange to have more energy while on Zyprexa? Its a sedative ap from what I know… But maybe once my tourments are calmed I have more energy, idk?..

latuda has given me more energy, i’ve found