Did you have a good day?

Hey – no for our test we just had to go over the basics of the Kreb’s cycle like you mentioned.

We’re done with the cell unit now, and there’s not going to be another test on it…So I’m gonna rip those chapters out of my book and throw them out the window. LoL j/k.

Now we’re on genetics.

I used to like Three Days Grace quite a bit, still have a couple of their CDs. I haven’t listened to them in years, though. I’m glad to hear your day was mostly good :slight_smile:.

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That’s the fun of an intro course; you get to learn about a wide variety of topics without going too in depth with any of them. Well, that’s what makes it fun to teach, anyway, not sure how much fun it makes it for the students lol.

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lol Yeah we covered six chapters for our first test. I didn’t do well on it. Ughhh :confused:

I am pleased with my day today.

My boyfriend had a lunch at the place he volunteer works at and I was invited.
It was a big deal because he was getting a Award.

I told him I will not attend because I usually avoid people and social settings and feel attacked by people etc etc etc go mute etc body tense etc

Buuut I thought I would give it a go to be there when he gets his Award etc so I went anyway.

I did not speak to people but reckon I said g’day.
That can be enough.:blush:

I did not stiffen hysterically nor go mute just quiet in comfortable doable way.

I contributed because I made a pie that we brought along.

I wash my hands after I go to the toilet.

I wash them before I cook too and sometimes but not often I even wear gloves when I cook.

Darn I think gloves can be elegant.
Queen Elizabeth wore a elegant looking pair when she went to visit the victims of the fire in London.

When I was Muslima for a whole year I used to wear gloves.
So soft,stunning n graceful.
I have a pink pair,purple pair,brown pair ,blue pair n more but they are still in Queensland and I will not go back for them now nor would I wear them as I used too…

But f### I think they are stunning.

I LOVE gloves!:heart:

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Today is hard :disappointed: The movers come to our house tomorrow which means our parents are having us lug all the stuff we don’t want to bring down 2 or 3 flights of stairs from the boiling attic to the boiling outside. And I also have to run errands to make sure I have food for the month I’ll be alone, and I still have to clean my room too and take anything with me I don’t want them to pack or rearrange stuff so it doesn’t get lost or broken. I hate moving…it’s so much less stressful as a little kid when you don’t have to do anything except get on the airplane.