Did you get the "only a girl" treatment?

I gotta admit it’s getting a little old to feel sorry for myself. Does the male conquer the female in marriage or is it equality?

I got turned down for a mechanic job for being female.

I was a tomboy until adolescence and then I got super shy. I remember the local cop starting a car club for teens and I think one girl showed an interest. Funny thing is, I can’t even remember if she was accepted or not. I was already tired of the fight.

My mom wouldn’t let me play football because it wasn’t a “girl” sport. My hubby treats me as an equal, though. He treats all women like that. He’s a good one.

Do you know how to fix cars @ZombieMombie? That’s awesome. There was an automotive elective in my high school, but I thought it was just for the kids who weren’t good at academics. Now I realize how useful that class would have been for everyone.


When I was really little I had a Nascar backpack that my parents took from me and gave to one of my brothers lol. Oddly enough I think they were the ones who got it for me in the first place??

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I know bascs. Wanted to learn more.


It depends on what people decide, every relationship is different. Find the kind that suits you, and then discuss it with your partner. If you disagree, then you have to decide if this relationship is worth the compromise.

It actually works both ways. I got turned down to be a Nursery Nurse in a creche - cos i was a bloke, they said i might be intimidating becuase of my height as well. This was about 10 years ago tho - so equality laws have hopefully changed since then.

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