I fought being a girl

So much of my energy went into fighting being a girl. I’m not sure why. I just wish it would stop.

Even though I have high testosterone for a female I think I’m girly :smiley:
Why did you have to fight to be a girl, and as opposed to being what?

I’m a girl, but I have high testosterone and I’m very masculine never felt feminine since I was a kid. I dress like a guy act like a guy and yes I am happily gay! :rainbow:


I don’t know. I think it began when I accidentally stepped on a girl and she said “OW” and I ran away from the girls because of it. I was way too fragile.

I feel emotionally quite androgynous, but outwardly girly

I never realized that all these years of being a tomboy was because my dad told me he didn’t like gorls and only eanted to be the boys friends (my brothers).
No wonder I felt more comfortable being a ‘guy’


I like girls, but always was attracted to tom boys

I fought the law and the law won.


Yes. I fought an officer and the officer won. Ouch. Not saying it was fair. As a cop, he was questionable.

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I felt girly all my life. Still do. Even though as a kid, I had my heart set on becoming the heavyweight boxing champion of the world. I’m attracted to sexually passive, lesbian tomboys.

Was it about you?? Did you make a mistake…

I’ve never been girly. Been told quite a bit I was like one of the boys. It’s just because I’ve always been fiercely independent and didn’t act like a fragile or catty female. I am entirely comfortable being female, though.

The cop became my landlord and I completely lost my presence of mind. Ran away to a psych ward and because of that I lost my job. It was a once in a life time job and I never really recovered.

It is okay, when I was a little kid I used to fight girls too. Like… a lot of girls. More men though.

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