Did you ever want to annihilate the whole human race just because

you made a mistake? I did.


No…I did not. You are a very malicious person aren’t you chordy? :grimacing: :scream:


This was when I was a proud kid. But in a way I never outgrew it. I am cold and malicious, yes.

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Well, I for one, am glad you aren’t likely to have access to nukes in your home. Because there would be hell to pay if you did! :scream:

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@Bowens , there’s a huge difference between wanting to do something and actually doing something.


Some people would gladly watch the world burn as long as they get what they want……screw everyone else.

Somedays I get out of bed, and I feel too short. So the first three people I meet, I cut off at the neck.

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Understatement of the year.

i was convinced for a while that there are too many people and that it was my job to get rid of a lot of them… so yea i did … but currently i don’t have that feeling so much.

I thought it was cool to be cold. It’s hard to change.

Why would you want to kill others because you made a mistake? Literally everyone every day all day makes mistakes.

It’s a defense - it wasn’t me, it was everyone else.

My new goal in life is if I make it to be an old person, is to not be bitter and negative and dwell on the past every second of every day, thanks chordy you’ve inspired me.

You might change your mind when you start to feel the pain.

Try having scoliosis and have fractured your skull before, don’t even try and talk to me about pain.

My mistake was being born probably thanks to the devil’s trickery. Everyone else is suffering because of me so naturally I dream of destroying the universe as any reasonable person would.

You aren’t a sociopath are you @chordy?
Scary thing to say.

I have a conscience. I got called a sociopath because I stole an orange. Thoughtless for sure, but not the crime of a sociopath.

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That was my orange by the way,. :sneezing_face:

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No, but there were times when I wanted to give the whole human race a good shaking.

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