Did you ever stare into the abyss and the abyss stare back at you?

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for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.”.

I left a trail of breadcrumbs the last time I traveled through hell.

i am the abyss of a midnights dream revolving the winds of hades into a choir. i am the wish of souls despite the demon causing warmths relent in a cold chest on the sunset.

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The Abyss runs away when I try to make eye contact…


I once talked to a god and had to pee behind its temple because gods have no bathrooms…i dont remember what he told me but jt made me feel good for a month…it was through meditation i went up the rainbow bridge beautiful…

That struck me as being very funny, lol.


Ozzie Osbourne got banned from Texas for peeing on The Alamo when he was drunk.


I think the only person who has ever been able to hold my gaze for long was my grandfather…but he had seen much worse things than I have. Everyone says I have this scary look to my eyes I stare at them, my shrink says I have eyes like a Vietnam vet…but then I have seen and been through some horrible things in life.

That the phrase I used is a sort of quote from a memoir about a Vietnam vet I read a few years back in it he says “I have locked eyes with the Abyss, and it ran screaming in fear.”

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Gee, I’ve known absolute terror . . .

Yes. I’ve always prided myself on my objectivity, and my ability to look at the hard and gritty facts of life, the things we don’t want to look at and that we want to ignore. Boy does the abyss ever look into you after you’ve done that for a while.

You merely adapted the dark. I was born in it, molded by it.


I looked deeply into my cat’s eyes once + had to turn away. - There was a lot there.


During a delusional psychotic episode laying in my bed the abyss appeared. I heard the live silence from the Big Bang. It was dead quiet. An emotion swept through my body as the deepness of the abyss sank in. I wasn’t in my sound mind. But I can remember it soundly I was terrified at the depth of the universe. Yes I stared at the abyss and it stared back.


Only to say that God is dead.

Love some Nietzche!


I’ve already been through the abyss and reached the other side because I’m spiteful and do my own thing.

I stared at a women wearing tight jeans in the hospital until she told me she would punch me in my fat nose if I didn’t stop. I think deep,deep down in her heart she really, really liked me but I’m not positively sure.