I saw my reflection yesterday and got the scare of a lifetime

As I was staring at myself last night (I think I’d just brushed my teeth) I suddenly became dead scared of the image and for a brief moment felt or saw something truly evil in my eyes. I actually jumped backwards in shock. Don’t know what to make of this as I am on APs.

I’m sure you’re a wonderful specimen and need not worry about your reflection


Well, you’re probably not evil so don’t worry about it. If you’ve done nothing evil than forget about it.


Sometimes when I stare at myself in the mirror, I wonder who is this guy. I see my eyes and the more I see, the more stranger I look

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My mirror is broken, there is some old guy in there blocking my view


I’ve done evil things, just not illegal.

I’ve got chronic depersonalisation, so I know what you mean. I’ve sort of given up on myself.

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LMAO, sorry that statement is so hilarious to me. I literally laughed out loud. Reminds me of the time I was in the Walmart fitting room trying on bras where they have the full body mirrors. I’ve gained some weight from the medicine and I had the same reaction (minus the evil eye part) when I saw myself in the full body mirrors bolted to the wall. Hey gotta laugh to keep from crying!

Oh yeah, completely off (and on at the same time) topic, but before I was medicated I had some serious delusions about mirrors, not the actual piece of furniture, or whatever you call it, but more along the lines of a mirrored reality/universe. Totally freaked me out, I consumed large amounts of liquor around this time in my life. I would be scared about a certain topic for instances, and people would start to act in a way that mirrored my thoughts, or they would somehow comment in a way. I’m thinking, ■■■■■■■ hived mind computer people!!! SO stupid they don’t even know a computer (in my mind, the beast mentioned in Revelations) is talking through them and for them. Now that I am medicated, my fiance (unmedicated) says ‘they’ talk through me now lol!! Puts perspective on the words, judge not or you will be judged.

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