Did you ever fight with your pdoc?

We yelled at each other about negative symptoms. He said I am causing my own negative symptoms and that I want to stay in bed all my life. He also said that I am complaining over nothing and that staying in bed all day isn’t an issue for schizophrenics, its normal. Its why I didn’t have a pdoc since Jan 7 this year.

I told that to my new pdoc I first saw 3 days ago and she contacted him to see if he will take me back. No call received yet. She told him that she prescribed me Clozapine. I don’t think he likes this idea of prescribing it.


Not yet, but we may have a disagreement if I decide to taper off my Ap’s.


When I was in the hospital, I was eating breakfast on the unit as the pdocs were making their rounds. I saw mine and threw my hard-boiled egg at him. Got him in the back of the head. Off to seclusion with me, and pdoc would no longer talk to me without several staff present. I thought he was on the unit to murder his patients, including me. Not a good time in my life.


I’ve raised my voice at her a few times, including at my last visit (she returned the favour, which I was not expecting). We really do get along most of the time, but when medication wears off, I am wary of her.


Once in the hospital I shouted that he had a two inch penis and he should us it to go ■■■■ himself.


No its not worth it.
If they aren’t being professional make a complaint and ask to see someone else. That way the situation goes higher up the chain.
If you shout at them they might reject you, and chances are you will be seen as a trouble maker.
Being nasty to people isn’t going to get you better service pretty much wherever you go.


I disagreed with how she was diagnosing me.
She diagnosed me with bipolar and I told her that it was more aligned with Schizoaffective.
I was a bit direct with her but later I texted her with an apology.


I pretended to swallow my pills in my room, and when he turned his back I spat the pills out at the back of his head

Another patient just so happened to be brought in at this time by about a dozen police officers, and they were used to give me a forcible injection of Olanzapine

I tackled all of them, and apparently broke one officers ribs against a piece of furniture

They did not press charges, because I think I was so ill that nothing would stick as my psychosis was so bad

After this injection, I lost my mind even further and threw a chair through a glass door

The next day I remembered nothing about the window, and got taken to a forensic ward

I stayed there for a few weeks, and I behaved in a vile manner to staff

This is entirely my fault, but I got sexually assaulted on that forensic ward, and they moved me after that but not sure if they did anything about it

In 2004 when this happened, the mental health provision and protections in my view were not the same standard they are today

Back then I don’t recall any follow up in the community


I had a psychiatrist who admitted to me that most of her decisions were dictated by Washington bureaucrats (VA healthcare). I told her she was pathetic for caring more about her status than doing what’s best for her patients.

I went to the patient advocate and got another psychiatrist who told me that he makes his own decisions. Period. And he’s proven true to his word.


Yea I saw in a sz documentary that there is sex offendants in forensic wards along with criminals who murdered several ppl. Scary to be there.

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Yes I had a pdoc who was a complete idiot who said I was faking for attention I told him to go to hell dude was weird as hell too I think he also had issues like he thought the voices were a “coping mechanism” for my psychosis and that I should become a “exercise ninja” um yeah he was strange to say the least


I have never fought with, yelled at, or had any altercations with any psychiatrists I’ve ever had my whole life. And I’ve been seeing them pretty continuously ever since 1987.

Now therapists and counselors are a different story. They’ve yelled at me.


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