Im finished with psychiatrists

This pdoc of mine made up total lies about me. She always plays hard ball. Admittedly i did write a letter of complaint about my recent hospitalisation. In the letter i wrote that i was being pressurised to discharge myself from hospital despite being unwell. But i was very civilised and respectful in my letter. I know the cardinal rule of therapy is to maintain respect, never be aggressive and be in total control of emotions. Anyway despite this my pdoc came out firing on all cylinders. She made up lies about me and slandered me, lieing that i was difficult in previous appts which was totally untrue. Anyway ive had enough with pdocs…and now ive had enough with medications…the meds werent doing me much good anyway, i am always responding to voices no matter how much meds im on…anyway ive had it with pdocs and ive had it with meds…im gonna wean myself off meds tonight. Ive had enough


See you back in the hospital in 2 years time


I should have made complaint myself about when I was in hospital

If possible - request someone else. Sounds like they took your letter personally. Don’t let it ruin your care - medication is vital. There must be someone else you can see there?

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Here I don’t know who reads the letters. But hospitalization and medication is not right, when you don’t accept you are doing damage by it. They need to have an excuse. This looks in my opinion not good.

She wont change my meds and in any case im ‘cracked’ on meds. Im always responding to voices no matter how much meds in on. Im treatment resistant. If im ‘cracked’ on meds, why be on them. Im always responding to voices even on load of meds. Voices totally control me, medicated or not.

I would try a different pdoc. I’ve had a pdoc who wanted me to stay on disability for life. I switched. My current one is encouraging me to work.

All pdocs lie sometimes, btw. Just like ordinary people.

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Some doctors are asses, some are the nicest people in the world.

My California doctor was so amazing, hated having to move back east.

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Yeah don’t worry about it.
My pdoc was a bit rough on me today but I know she’s trying to help.

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