Did you ever feel like a jinx?

Once a plane was overhead and I thought I would bring it down by thinking of it. I really believed I could. I’m glad that type of thinking doesn’t happen any more. Excepting I get fears for myself.

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I used to think people in jet airliners going overhead could see me on the ground and were looking at me.

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I’ve thought that just watching a game on tv I could influence the outcome of a football game. I’ve also thought that people hundreds of miles away could hear what I was saying.

i felt like that a lot. Like I killed my teacher in high school cause he was mean to me, i did it just by thinking about it and then it happened. Same happened with my grandmother, she also did some stuff to me so i got bad thoughts and then she died.

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I cause misfortune and I have to accept that

yes i did and yes i do! in terms of planes I mean.

I don’t want to travel on a plane cos i think that if i do my fear of a crash would be strong enough to magically cause a plane crash. whether such thinking is realsitic, i dont know.

however i do know, that the fear of it is strong enough to deter me from flying on a plane

because i value my life too much for that

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in addition, the constant worry up to the plane journey and the holiday abroad i would get worry thoughts and that would spoil all of that time

maybe bring me to psychosis with that level of anxiety too,

regardless of if i can cause the plane to crash or not, i know the chances of crashing are small but i just worry about it too much, the whole idea of crashing from miles above in the sky into a sea and maybe becoming trapped in the plane, drowning to death. :unamused:

id rather not take those chances

Everyone thinks I’m a jinx, because the people stalking me are nuts and try to make it look like I’m responsible for all the stupid things they do.

I’m a worrier, too. I don’t know what to do about it.


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