Paranoid about flying

Well, I’m currently having a dilemma. I want to apply to the JET program and teach English in Japan. It’s the application period right now and I want to apply. However, I feel like received signs from God that I will die in a plane crash. I’m really upset because it’s a good opportunity for me but I feel like I can’t take it. On top of the sign about a plane crash I also got a sign that I would die soon. So, I keep trying to put two and two together and I feel like I’m walking into something bad.

I really want to try the JET program, but I’m really paranoid about it. I’ve been afraid of flying for a long, long time and now I’m even more afraid because of the magical signs I feel like I’ve been given.

Anyway, thanks for reading,


Youll be just fine, flying is one most safest transportation outthere, nothing to worry about. Your just being paranoid trust me. Apply to the jet program. its look like a good program. Good luck, have good day.

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When I went to Europe, I was terrified and having nightmares. I’m still afraid to fly. But I love flying somewhere. I’m sure you’ll be fine.