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So tonight my sister took me to a concert. It was a Beatles tribute band and it was great.The guy playing Paul looked and sounded just like him. In fact all four sounded pretty much like the real ones. But the guy playing Paul was the only one who looked closest to the real one. But it was funny. It was me my sister and my brother-in-law. Now I’ve known my brother-in-law for about 15 years now. He is definitely a “normie” , he’s a personal trainer. he goes to rich peoples houses and guides them through workouts. He’s no one to mess with but he’s polite and respectful to me. And my purpose is not to put him down. But ever since I’ve known him he has not been social. Whenever our family gets together he just does not mingle. If I go to my sisters house he will always say “hi” but then he will go do something in the back of the house and not join in. Always. But he has friends he socializes with. But OK. Tonight, I got a glimpse of a ‘normies" psyche. OK. At the concert we were sitting off to the side. There was a couple siting in front of us and to my right was three women. In public I try to act as normal as possible but the man in front of me bugged me from the get-go. He didn’t look like he was having a good time and I was trying to ignore him but he kept distracting me and drawing my attention and I could tell was thinking of me so I was kept trying to scare him. It worked I think. But while I was trying to ignore him I think I was making the girl to my left nervous. So I dialed it down and calmed down. Oh Yeah, there was another couple in front of me to the right. And I had a thing going with them too.So I was staring at his wife to provoke him. Well at intermission, ALL these people got up and never came back. Now instantly, I thought it was because of me.And from this story so far you would assume it wouldn’t you? So I nudged my sister and I said," Where did all these people go? Did they move because of me?" She laughed and said," No, they simply moved forward to better seats!" Whew! So I sat back and enjoyed the band playing “Hey Jude” and"Get Back’ and “You’ve got to Hide Your Love Away"etc. Well in the car on the way home, I mentioned again about the people moving. I said,” But, my self-centeredness and paranoia made me think they’re moving was because of something I did." My brother-in- law spoke up and said, " I thought it was because of me". My sister just laughed at us. But I have always suspected that so-called "normal " people had our paranoia and weird perceptions too, but just not to the degree we have them. It’s a pet theory of mine and it has often panned out.


I agree fully.

It sounded like you had a great time Nick. Very cool. Glad you got to enjoy it. Nice way to enjoy a spring evening. Very funny about you and the brother-in-law both thinking the same thing.

I do agree, Sz and Non-Sz… we all have the same ideas and ponders. Only my Sz makes my ponderings more of an all-consuming obsession that I begin to believe and act on. My sis can leave her ponderings and lightly ponder them later. I can’t. She also doesn’t loose herself and act on those ponderings.

Do you what the weirdest thing for me is? When my Non-Sz kid sis has a paranoid panic attack and I’m feeling fine in a situation. Or when she starts mentioning water spirits or Feng Shui.

Another one is when she get’s stressed… I know she’ll hear a voice. She will run out of her room looking very worried and say… “What’s wrong? Are you Ok?”

I’m sitting on the sofa, reading a book, drinking some tea. I’m fine. She looks around and asks, “Did you hear anyone yelling for help?”


This usually happens around finals. When the exam stress is gone, she quits doing it.

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Why, was he acting weird? I agree that normal people do get a little odd sometimes, it sounds like he was being a really nice guy and trying to put you at ease. Maybe he thought you wouldn’t believe your sister about the better seats and wanted to let you know he didn’t think there was anything wrong with you.
Or (just as possible though he still does sound nice because he admitted it instead of letting you obsess over whether or not it was you) he just isn’t very at ease around strangers so he keeps his mouth shut around your family. I can see why being a personal trainer for rich people would make you very, very careful about what you said, did, or what came out of your mouth. You have to motivate people who, in all honesty, do not want to work out. The same way you get business is the same way you lose it. You do a good job with someone, or you say or do something that angers someone. That gets around and your whole life can change.

No, I think he honestly thought that it was him that drove them away. I try to understand peoples behaviour. Sometimes people will act scared or aggressive or rude simply because their feelings are hurt. Or they mistake your intentions. Sometimes people don’t read me right and they are afraid of me when I’m not trying to scare them. Or lots of people in this world feel ignored or small. So if you just acknowledge them it defuses the bad situation.But I say screw them. It’s not up to me to please every single person.I feel small and ignored too. I also think a lot of “normal” people are just as afraid as we are of going crazy. Going off the deep end.


I’m glad you had fun with your sister and her husband.

We are all people experiencing life. I think the only difference is how much we experience certain things :smile:

I’m not sure what your second sentence means. Do you mean the number of times we experience a certain thing? Or certain situation?

The number of times and the intensity.

It sounds like you had a very nice evening. I’m glad you went.

For some reason this song has been in my head today.

I was wondering, did the band play it last night?

Yeah, they played it. One of my favorite Beatles songs.

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The song is supposedly about Brian Epstein’s infatuation with John Lennon. It is rumored that he and John Lennon eventually consummated the relationship. Who knows?

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I’ve heard that too. Poor ole Brian Epstein. I sort of felt sorry for him. I love the White Album and I love St. Pepper. But I keep forgetting how much I like HELP.

The movie HELP was great. I love the scene where they all walk through separate front doors and it’s one big flat with no walls. I don’t know why, but that makes me laugh every time.

Just wondering, speaking for Beatles and Comedy, have you ever seen “The Magic Christian” with Peter Sellers and Ringo Starr?

Yeah, so did I. Yeah, that was the flat they performed that song in.YES! I saw “The Magic Christian” when it originally came out! Ringo was also in some movie with his future wife Barbara Bach.They played cavepeople. I can’t think of the name of it.

It was called Caveman. poor reviews. But I was such a Ringo fan, I watched it anyway. I found the vinyl version of “stop and smell the roses” from Ringo’s band and I still like this one a lot…

Back off boogaloo

It had only one line of dialogue in the whole movie I believe. Wow, you’re really knowledgeable about this retro stuff.

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I’m a Netflix, Hulu and Google addict.

Plus I made friends with the owner of “The Vinyl Den” at Easy Street Records. He has helped expand my knowledge of a lot of music.