Did Sertraline make you manic or psychotic

Even if started at 25mg and only went up to 50mg Sertraline a day, I would become manic and psychotic.
If I started straight on 50mg I would feel extremely paranoid.


Sertraline is what pushed me to have another psychotic break. I was started at 50mg. Second day I noticed a psychosis which went away with some sleep. The doc decided it was ok to increase to 100mg and I became fully psychotic.

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I don’t know if it happened because I was manic though

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Yeah Zoloft gave me mixed episodes where I was manic and depressed at the same time Prozac simply messed me up it was the most manic I’ve ever gotten ever

It ruined my sleep that drug did

I remember I took I think it was effector.my God.i don’t wana say wathappen after.