Did anyone skip the college university experience? Learning styles? Social Anxiety

Did anyone skip the college university experience due to social anxiety or sz/sza? How has it impacted the way your social life is now? I know I missed out on a lot of fun, but I’m ust outwardly not that kind of person? I’ve always had social problems.

I skipped university because high school was hell for me basically. I’ve tried a couple classes at community college, but found I couldn’t bare to be in a class that was so large.

I also didn’t really feel up to speed for class. I did well in math, but only because it was a 50% online hybrid class.

In general I’ve been noticing that I’m kind of slow because I get into these moods where I excessively ruminate or I get jealous of others and think about how they’re happier or smarter than me. I don’t know… Can anyone relate? What are your learning struggles? I know for sure that I can’t really read when I’m amongst other people. People make me nervous. How about you?


I skipped college experience. went from high school to grad school.

lol lol just kidding. I dropped out

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I barely graduated high school, not because I am unintelligent but because I was blossoming into what would eventually become my schizoaffective disorder. After high school I was too caught up in self-medicating with alcohol and drugs to care enough about life or myself to go to college. I don’t think I could’ve handled the stress even if I had chosen to go.


I almost mirror this which you have described.

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Barely graduated high school, went on to school for massage therapy (which I didn’t finish😔 because i think my SZ was kicking in) because I didn’t want the university social experience, also don’t know if I could of got in.


I skipped also half high school because of anxiety (social and performance), insomnia, low stress tolerance and numbness/difficulty concentrating.


if MI caused me to stop high school, I’d have missed a lot.

I’m lucky

I tried college and managed to finish two years but I kept getting test anxiety and it was overwhelming. I couldn’t focus unless on stimulants and after I was taken off Vyvanse I couldn’t continue classes. Abilify on its own was too much. That was when I was on 30mgs each night. I could prob. do it but it’s too expensive and the pressure is hard even at a small liberal arts college. I am not being supported in that endeavor anymore because I wasted so much money and time and kept quitting near finals. I did this like three times and had to pay back half the semester of scholarship money.

So now I teach myself stuff. I find this is a good skill to learn. I like to follow tutorials online. Right now I’m teaching myself how to program apps through the MITAPP inventor. You can download it online and it shows you how to create cellphone apps. I think just for android phones. I’m teaching myself some coding and learning to code and write software. I like to research chemistry too and space. The best part of being self taught is the amount of flexibility in direction styles and how you learn. It’s easy to take online tests to realize how far you’ve come.

Computers, Genetics, Quantum Mechanics, Physics, Psychology, Philosophy, History

It’s so much more fun to add your own self-directed creativity and it’s just easier to learn at home.