Did a little cooking today. Hat's off to the chief

I ended up with a few big bowls of food to last me a week. But I’m happy I did that. The recipes weren’t that hard so I ended up with some very tasty Mexican flavored pinto beans made from scratch.
The recipe says it makes 4 servings.

I made a batch of Brown Spanish Rice. 4 servings and also tasty.

The recipes weren’t difficult but they took a little work. I also cooked a sweet potato for lunch which I’m eating right now.


I wish I had one of those deep freezers so I could cook for a whole week and just defrost stuff.

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The art of feeding oneself to satisfaction is a worthy occupation. I couldn’t begin to compete with my provider’s cooking. My taste buds aren’t that sensitive.
But good for you, @77nick77. It tells us your heart is home.

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