Did a bit yesterday

started weaning the kittens, did two loads of washing and drying, did the shopping, two dishwasher loads, mowed the lawn, dropped max off to a friends, sorted the dry laundry into iron, non iron,ordered my new car insurance and breakdown cover, picked up the poo and that’s about it. not much but i’m slowly picking up. now i can’t use the washing machine till pip comes round and sorts the feet out as it keeps jumping whilst on spin. hopefully he’ll come tonight. taking a day off today as it’s sunday. going to mum’s for roast lamb, dying my hair and gotta pick max up tonight. anyone else do a bit yesterday? xxx


I caught up on some reading for school. Helped my sis do some house work here…

Went surfing…


Sorted through some photos to put in my picture frames. I’ve accumulated a nice collection.


Did some grocery shopping yesterday, and today walked to the flea market and bought a long white dress and socks. I was so happy with the dress, its so simple and comfortable! The weather has been nice and warm. Spring has sprung in Cape Town!