Diazepam/Valium 5mg or another benzo? Which benzo is the best for anxiety?

I suffer from abrupt mood shifts. But they are so acute, not gradual like bipolar. As in the onset is within a couple of seconds to minutes.

Chances are on Klonopin that relief would take up to an hour, in the meantime you are in agony. Hopefully you aren’t currently as bad as what you described. Diazepam on wikipedia only is effective for about an hour. Maybe Ativan is the better choice, though I think valium takes effect faster.

I think ativan made me feel this way when I was in the hospital last time. It was miraculous, a feeling of unnatural tranquility and wellbeing. Kind of like those allergy drug commercials where they show life out of focus then when they start the drug–bam everything is totally clear.

I dont think I’m going to ask for valium anymore, just 1mg ativan every other day.

I might ask the doctor if there is something they can prescribe more long term as they seem too scared to put people on Diazepam for too long.

I am in a better place currently thanks. Still there but not all consuming of me.

It sounds like you have a few options. Hope you find the right one.

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If your psychiatrist is typical, he will have the last word in what you take.
If you want fast results then Xanax is the way to go.

He or she will either prescribe Klonopin, Ativan or Xanax - I’m almost sure of this.

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I think I have settled on 1mg ativan. Hopefully he says yes, usually he is pretty open minded. Plus he is used to prescribing ativan to patients at the hospital.

Wait, maybe he will think I liked it last time I was there and want to try it again and abuse it? Hopefully not. Anyhow thank you for your advice @Joker, @Anna and @Wave. And @anon20318121.

I think I’m gonna ask for ativan now. And its time for bed.


I’ve used Ativan 1 mg prn as many as 3 a day for years. I just now had to bump up to 2mg because I’ve become so used to it. I’m a little worried because I’ve been having blackouts and it might be from the med. My pdoc doesn’t usually prescribe benzos for long term use and I think she’ll stop prescribing them if I tell her about the blackouts, probably rightfully so. Be careful with what ever you get. Don’t forget to try your breathing techniques before you reach for the benzos (inhale 5 seconds, hold breath 5 seconds, exhale 7 seconds, you know right?)

You don’t want to get addicted to any pills…fight the anxiety in your mind and overcome your fear of it and then you will be free. do not ever take 30 mg of valium !! that’s way too much. your heart could stop.

im on diazapam 10mg up to 3x a day but i was also on gabapenting 800 3x a day but the cost rose up so i havent had it in a few weeks

I vote for Ativan 5mg at night