Dialogue of Pessimism

The Dialogue of Pessimism is an ancient Mesopotamian dialogue between a master and his servant that expresses the futility of human action.


Slave, listen to me!

Here I am, master, here I am!

I want to perform a public benefit for my country!

So do it, master, do it! The man who performs a public benefit for his country His actions are exposed to the circle of Marduk!

O well, slave, I do not want to perform a public benefit for my country!

Do not perform, master, do not perform! Go up the ancient tells and walk about. See the mixed skulls of plebeians and nobles. Which is the malefactor and which is the benefactor?



I am Mesopotamian from Syria :grin:

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Mesopotamian literature and mythology is very interesting and we are lucky that they didn’t write in scrolls so much of it has been preserved.


I read on arabic news that terrorists destroyed and stole lots of mesopotomian items from museums.
How do you call these items in english? I know it arabic. Antiquities?

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What is the circle of Marduk? I see that Marduk conquered Tiamat, the monster of chaos, but what does the circle of imply?

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