The plandok and the zephyl

this is schizophrenia, I think. I’ve been doing it for over a decade, everybody around me sees me do it and can’t understand what is going on with me, i’m pretty sure i can’t help it, i do it eventually even if i stay away for over a year at a time; when i get into it, as i’ve been lately, i’m going every time i get a chance, once or twice a week in san francisco, the library where they have the OED, Oxford English Dictionary - it isn’;t the definitions it’s the sentences, most mystical book i ever saw and what i do is kinda crazy, been doin it for years. go in there ready to look up a handful of words but take the scenic route and look into whatever other words, take alot of notes on the sntences i like, then stick them all together into some massive sentence i memorize, ignore the hell out of everyone around me with, and they reallly come in handy when i’m being hospitalized for psych or cops or something, i just do these prepared statements with so much passion that when i finish i open my eyes and it’s the square light of the tasers right in my eyes, and the cops all yelling “sit DOWN sir !” (but officer i AM calm!!!).

So I went to the dictionary all day today, was a furlogh day from work, one more next week plus christmas, and i did this sentence, and have typed up the meaning below for others and also for myself in the future if i end up with the sentence permanently memorized but some of the meanings of the vocabulary words forgotten, like i usually do. I’t a story, a zephyl and a kamchil. good and evil, brothers working with humanity.


"The efodiating spade releases an effluence of vapors, and a divine subterranean effluence of wind elixirates into a mystic drama, sunny clear, when the hour draws nearest to effluction, effluxive beams weaving themselves into constellation, mingled scream of weltering tempest and plangent wave howling and lowing from beneath the altar; the sundry writers sunderly write, and they pettle us up with bread and water and siclike sunkets, Pelangians holding together Greek and Latin in a Pelagic architecture like the Paleocene Parade of Condylarths on the Mongolian Plateau holding together cats and dogs; THE PELANDOK ! THE KAMCHIL !! THE CHEVROTAIN !!! First, the suffosion of her vinyards and the vastation of her tents, then, suffounging of the place with incense; vastator of the vastative vastation, the concupiscential gust is a witch-craftical witch-broth, a witch-note on the wind, BUT, diminishing and diminishing, demetalizing the standard, the zephylodontosaur’s soteriology is to let the salvatrice salvationize, against the mullipool of villiany, the spinner of concupiscensies, at her hierophanies, kratophanies, and epiphanies, making as little account of this concupiscential gust as the moon does of a barking dog, till the fire of that sun, the heart, and the moon-cold bone, are one."


Efodiating is digging, and this spade was digging on an auspicious mountain when it hit an underground stream of wind and pneuma, and this mystical essence came out and became a drama, a mystical drama between two forces; When the hour “draws near to effuction” is when it’s almost over, (but “effluxive beams” were then used in the context of the effluction of friendship, effluxive beams weaving themselves, etc.).

Weltering tempest of the demon world and plangent wave of the spiritual universe, the Way, leak out from beneath the altar of reality, and bring to life this drama. Siclike sunkets were bread or pastries or whatever tidbit of food the sailor would have when hauled to the correction house, and atleast the drinkers knew that this wasn’t really nourishing food, just “siclike sunkets” being given away, but it’s like today the siclike sunkets are the majority of the landscape in the “food deserts”, so it’s true now more than ever that we’re “pettled with bread and water and siclike sunkets”;

The Greek and the Latin language are both of the same root, the language of the “Pelangians”, whose “Pelagic architecture” was just stones piled up without any cement. They unite Greek and Latin the same way the condylarth is a predessessor of both the cats and the dogs, condylarths being from the Paleocene age and common on the Mongolian Plateau, according to fossil evidence. A different animal, the “Pelandok”, or “Kamchil” - one of the “Chevrotains” - is a small mouse deer, a favorite animal to the Malays, alluded to both in their prose and in their poems - “a dog roused a white pelandok”,“a woman had a violent craving for the flesh of the pelandok”, “the pelandok in Malaya, like the spider in Africa, is a ‘Till Eulenspielgel’”.

So this Chevrotain is a main character in the mystic drama, a plague, a destroyer or “vastator” who “digs up” or “suffoses” the vinyards of our heroine, destroys the tents where she and her family and servants had stayed, and then went around all over the place setting up little mysterious altars and lighting incense, “suffounging” the place with incense smoke.

And in this drama, the troublesome Chevrotain who lets the smoke rise is setting free a great “concupiscential gust” - a love potion, a love spell, cupid’s arrow - but here we have the second character in our play appear for the first time, yang reservoir to counter the cold tempered steel yin pelandok-troublemaker; he enters the stage practicing an esoteric taoist art called “diminishing and diminishing”, and this concupiscential gust on the wind will not affect him, rather, he confounds the wind, “de-metal-ing” the standard, becoming less metal, earth less dark, demons less fallen, not letting the flow of evolution pull him forward but rather moving the whole universe backward on the periodic table of elements, and setting free the metals that have accumulated at the center of the dark cores - set the tigers free and let the rooster crow !!! - this character is what the traditional chinese cultures would have called a “dragon” i guess, but he looks more like a dinosaur to me, except that he hovers in the sky (no wings), is a very bright purple, and he says the only thing he eats with his huge teeth is the gentle breeze, so his name comes from “zephyr” for gentle east wind, “donto” for teeth, and saurus cause this magic dragon looks like a dinosaur to me, and the big t rex thing is called carcharodontosaurus saharicus, so you can name a new dinosaur whatever you want following the naming convention, and this zephylodontosaur is definitely not one of the exisiting kinds of dinosaurs; he’s a donut eating dono-saur…and this zephyl-upagus has a soteriology, or plan for salvation, and it’s all non-doing; he’s letting the goddess at the temple do the work.

She’s a third character here, graceful as the moon from behind the scenes, and her ongoing non-action is to solve everything; this “salvatrice”, or female savior, will “salvationize”, or call down and put together and help guide the construction of salvation between heaven and earth, and this shamanizing will be done in direct opposition to the concupiscencies of the mystical diabolical Chevrotain, this Quetzalcoatl countering his brother Tezcatlipoca for the renewal of mankind’s spirit.

She will integrate this shamanizing and salvationizing into her regular hierophanies (explanations of the mysteries of the universe), epiphanies (sudden realizations), and kratophanies (not defined in the OED and so completely up for grabs as it was quoted there, so it’s some mystical practice this zephylodontosaur is up to that gets the job done), and the amazing power and transcendental nature of this shamanizing makes the zephyl able to simply ignore the silly concupiscential gust as the moon does the barking dog, until, until… until this drama is all over, because through the alchemy of yin and yang, of sun and moon, of plandok and zephyl, the fire of the heart and the empty and infinite depth of the immortal bones are fused, just as they say in Nahual it’s a “Quetzalcoatl” when the fire at the base of the spine and the rose at the top of the spine are one.


That sounds like fun I think ill try and play too!