Diagnoses and antipsychotics

Psychosis NOS, Schizoaffective, Undifferentiated Schizophrenia, Paranoid Schizophrenia.

Solian, Invega, Abilify, Haldol (pills and injections), Risperdal (injections), Rispelen, Zyprexa, Nozinan etc.

Thats a whole lot of medication are you on high doses and is it working?

I don’t take all of them now. They are all the antipsychotics I have tried in 2 years.

And olanzapine Teva, the generic of zyprexa

They kept changing your diagnosis correct?

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how long did u take them before u switched to another medication

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Some months. Currently I am on haldol, zyprexa, abilify, clozaril, Nozinan

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are u doing well on them??

And clozaril 666999

Yes. Few voices, no disorganized thought etc. You?

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Schizoaffective and several personality disorders.

i am not on meds and doing very bad , abnormal and disorganized thoughts, paranoid, no voices though , i would say people in outside can easily see i have sth wrong with me, my doctor said most ppl who are in my situation shd take quetiapine about few hundreds mg, i think i shd be on them soon, hope i will take them soon

Why don’t you take meds?

i dun know i think i shd take them though


Good luck you’ll feel much better on meds.


Schizoaffective disorder

Amisulpride, Olanzapine and Lamotrigine

Doing pretty well now :blush:

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