Diagnosed for live TV/Music?

Just wondering if I am the only one who has been diagnosed for ‘appearance’ of live personal interactions that do not correspond with dates on the tv? Doctor, Preacher, parents say its not possible but I have experienced it for some time now. Looking for friends experiencing the same to build healthy coping mechanisms.

This seems delusional.

Seems so to everyone I approach about it. Thus anti psychotic meds. Either way delusional or not it ‘seems’ personal. I don’t know! I hate the thought of being subjected to these medications if it is real but with technology like sophisticated animation software and voice technology released by Google in 2017 or made public in 2017. I really have to consider that it may be more than just delusion.

It’s a delusion. No one would devote the time, money, and energy of making hundreds of hours of “live tv” to mess with a random person.

hundreds of billable man hours in a stressed economy on the verge of bubble burst in regards to skilled and unskilled labor availability? xD

Maybe it is… Sure sounds looks and feels real… but I guess that is textbook definition for Delusion xD…. Would just be nice to have a favorite song or movie without it constantly being different and out of context, personal delusions in my study material would be amazing for my focus and concentration. Any tips for coping with diminished intellectual capacity and mental processing speed to the point of chemical lobotomized retardation? Without meds my mind runs and process ALOT very quickly. With meds I can barely stammer a sentence out. Doc insists theres no test for ADHD. Who knew.

Without meds you’re less functional bcz you think you’re functional but the world doesn’t.

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For me, changing meds helped with the cognition decline. Also, it often runs in phases or cycles with sz and sza. I know I go through a cycle with low points where I can’t remember anything, process slowly, and have trouble reading or watching tv. Then suddenly I can do it all again.

Sz takes a toll on brain power due in part to brain damage caused by psychosis. Adding in meds causes more, depending on the med. More decline, not damage.

I switched from Invega shot to Aristada shot. The difference is amazing. I am as clearheaded as I was before my major psychotic breaks. It’s only been a month, but no other med made me feel as normal as this one and took care of my symptoms, including the delusional ones.


its my own fault for taking an abstract approach I suppose. Considering the validity of most everything I was taught in school has been challenged and subject to conflict. My world is globial, my world is flat, in fact my world is a pyramid and a pyramid and a 1/2 by virtue of subjected geometrical math’s and opinions of others so I can successfully retort back and build rapport with someone who has ideas I don’t agree with so their perception can shift (;


“Progressive loss of cortical gray matter in schizophrenia: a meta-analysis and meta-regression of longitudinal MRI studies”

Sorry for typos in the image…Was wondering if this was a reasonable explanation for the proposed brain damage?

Thank you @Aziz.

I have no idea @brandonls3. I’m not a doctor nor do I play one.

I just try to be innovative in approach and try to form a hypothesis before reading into new topics to much. Paragraph one thirteen thesis ideas later…Paragraph one… either I was right or wrong and all vectors were covered or not and maybe even some outside of my hypothesis discovered. xD

best coping mechanism would be to keep taking your meds


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