Destiny to suffer

Schizophrenics and other ppl with worse diseases are destined to suffer, why?

What’s our compensation for that suffering?
When will we receive our compensation?
Is life really unfair?

Yes. Life is unfair. Haven’t you learned that by now?


No, I still can’t accept it. Doesn’t religion says that God is fair?

Life looks to be largely unfair. If you’re looking for any sort of explanation, talk to a priest or a rabbi or something. Atheists will tell you that everything is random.


If you want to talk about religious suffering just take a look at Job.

I believe we will be compensated after death. Everyone is going to heaven, no hell, no nothing and no suffering. Life is just a game that God will end by sending us to heaven.


Maybe so. Maybe death is fairer than life. IDK.

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I hope I dont relapse. I visualise a recovery but I dunno how close my visualisation will match reality :pensive:

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Life is just unfair.

People who think otherwise believe in this

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I just believe that we’re all going to heaven afterdeath. We will all be equal and no one suffers.

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I was going to say more but this thread will get closed down if we turn it into a religious discussion. So nevermind. Sometimes I think this boards rules are too constrictive. Whatever happened to “freedom of speech”?

I’m not suffering much right now. Man, I deserve this.


Aziz, I have thought the same thing. There are now times when I feel good. I would like to say that I think you should keep positive and keep the faith. I can’t say any more.

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Just think of that fairy tale Island …you dream of

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You can believe what you want to believe. In that regard, life is fair.

Sometimes life is fair, sometimes it ain’t.

What do you believe 77Nick77? About what corona is for example, or the swimming hall is nicer than the beach for overweight people???

what is that supposed to mean

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I’m supposed to be suffering? Oops. I missed that memo, I guess.

I do think I’d be happy with some compensation. I like the idea of being paid to photograph landscapes, so send me your $$$, chilluns.



I believe I can fly.

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Life is a journey not a destination. The destination is where we reach after death. So suppose we have everything, comforts, mental ability all we might get too proud and live all kinds of ways and might end up in hell. Consider life as a test just like Job’s story. But hardships is not an excuse for God to spare us as we still need to live a sin free life as God’s judgement is fair. Each one’s life situations and ability can differ as there is rich and poor, active and disabled, handicapped and many but all need to live sin free. Its easy for the disabled to remain sin free when compared with the rich. It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God. This means its hard for the all having individuals to reach heaven as more the comforts more the chance to deviate from Godly living thus sometimes sufferings might be useful in the long run we can’t say if its good or bad now only time can tell and only end result counts.

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