Dessert! 🍩

Spam me all your favorite desserts. I’m craving sugar and not eating any, so I need to live through pictures.

What’s your go to sweet treat? What do you crave but never indulge in? What do you secretly eat to satisfy cravings that everyone else would think is weird?


Chocolate mint dreams
A Christmas favourite


In recent months my go to has been rice pudding, or regular instant pudding.

I would love to have some bread pudding, haven’t had that in years. I have a recipe for it, but if I make a whole pan of it, I’ll eat a whole pan of it lol. Hell, I might make it one of these days anyway, screw it.

I’m not sure there are any that I eat that others would think are weird, though I suppose some people might think it’s weird to like the two I just listed.


I love bread pudding and rice pudding! Mmmm. We used to take day old cinnamon rolls and make bread pudding out of those. It was such a sugar rush, but so delicious.


New York cheesecake:


Carat cake 15151516


Creme caramel 15151515

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My favourite snack is rainbow cookies. They’re like chocolate chip cookies, but there’s m&m’s instead of chocolate chips. They’re yummy! :smile:

I’ve been craving chocolate lately. I would love to have a jar of nutella and just go at it with a spoon.


I am an ice cream guy. Whereas i am not a big sweets eater, i love ice cream. I try and stay away from it, though, since i am diabetic.

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I love carrot cake! My sister makes it homemade, both the cake and the cream cheese frosting, on my birthday. Hell, we had a carrot cake, as well as a normal white wedding cake, at my ex’s and my wedding reception. Love the stuff.


They are pretty expensive but they do the nicest cheesecake i have ever had.

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