Depression’s snare POEM

I don’t normally do poems, but this one was floating around in my head so I wrote it down:

I want to be floating in the air,
But I’m grounded to my chair.
I do my best to let go of my sorrow and despair
I try and force myself not to car,
But I can’t help feel anxious when people stare.
Nothing really helps, not even prayer,
Happy feelings are extremely rare.
Will I forever be trapped in depression’s snare?


Nice poem @sohare1981. Keep it up.


I love it! Good work!

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I misspelled care. oops Sry. I was typing it as I said it in my head, not looking. Sometimes I think I type a key, but must not hit the key hard enough and I miss a letter here and there.

stupid, stupid, stupid me. I’m so not as talented as I’d I like to think I am.:weary::disappointed_relieved:

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