Depression, Delusion and Old Age

Today I’ve had a bad day. I feel so sad. I feel people are aliens reading my mind and controlling me. When someone tells me something that I have just thought of, I say, “They are reading my mind.” I used to be afraid and angry. Now at an old age, I just get depressed and think I am feeling sorry for myself. I’ve had sort of a successful life, but I never got married or had a relationship. So I feel at a loss. A loss of meaningfulness and purpose. That’s why I want to work. When I was working, even though I had to accept the stigma of my workers against my disorder, I felt life had meaning. Now, I am lost.’
Thank you all. I needed to get that off my chest and mind.


I am sorry you feel without purpose…I can’t work due to lack of concentration and restlessness…can’t seem to hold focus…I wish you well…you sound a bit unstable, have you told your pdoc that you believe people are aliens…a med change might give you hope.?

I have bad days too. When everything seems to look a bit bleak. I hope you have a good/better day tomorrow.

When I first got sick, I thought people and humans were aliens. It sucks.

Thank you, jukebox.

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Thank you everhopeful.

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I’m sorry your feeling down today @fran48laredo.
This won’t last.
Here’s to a better tomorrow! :slight_smile:

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I have never had married or had a serious relationship either.

The illness is hard but it teaches you a lot, if you can manage to get yourself together in time you can offer a lot of strength in any kind of relationship. I’m looking forward to the prospect, if things continue to go alright.

I hope you feel better.

Thank you all. I love you for being supportive. I took my meds and went to bed early yesterday. Today, I’m OK. It does not last like WAVE said, and I know that today will be good. I’m just a morning person. In my mornings I’m full of energy and goals to accomplish. But when afternoon roles around, I drift into my negativity. May you all also have a good day.


Are you Hispanic. I noticed your last name Laredo

Yes, Loke. I am.

Cheverre. Mucho gusto. Cool nice to meet you. My daughter is half Hispanic but doesn’t speak Spanish. I used to be fluent

I’ve always been interested in other languages and cultures

El gusto es para mi, Loke. The pleasure is mine. I speak, read, and write Spanish and English. It’s great to know two languages.

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I first took Spanish class in high school so I could go to college. I fell in love with it and learned that I love languages

Edit: my teacher also taught us some Quechua but I don’t remember any of it

Loke, it is a gift to love languages. I like other cultures and languages too.

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I’m Native American and white. Don’t know a lot of NA culture though

Arabic and Chinese are difficult to learn. German is also hard.

thanks so much for writing what you wrote, it really helped pull me out of a dark place i was in

I’m so happy that I was able to help, and I know that we’re in the right forum–to all help each other, don’t you think?

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