Depressed/fighting negative voices

Suffering from some deep depression. The voices in my head are trying to tell me to harm myself, and showing me images of slit wrists or pill bottles. I am not going to act on these thoughts or images. They’re just very disturbing and killing my mood for the day. I just want to curl up in a dark place and sleep the rest of the day away. At least when I’m sleeping I don’t feel so depressed.

I just need a spot to vent these images and thoughts and get them out of my head. I think the the more you bottle the up the more pressing they get and the harder it gets to ignore them.

Bit of a topic change but for women suffering from Schizophrenia/depression and whatever do you ever feel like your symptoms are worse during that time of the month? I’m currently receiving my monthly visitor and I think that has a lot to do with the chemical imbalance that caused my Schizophrenia in the first place. I always am the worst around this time of the month, and it usually starts up the week before which this month was no different. I just wonder if this is typical for most women suffering from the disease or if it’s just me…?

there was a news article of trials with oestregen that seemed to have good results. maybe u could ask ur pdoc about it? i plan to ask mine in october when i next see her. look it up on here. i have never correlated my time of the month with voices…maybe i should. thanks for the info. my voices r always derogatory in nature but they don’t ask me to kill myself anymore. i think they’ve given up on that one as it just wasn’t gonna happen. they threaten me now with continual rape, bot anally and vaginally, para and tetra plegia, pulmonary embolism, heart attacks, strokes, choking…u name it, they’ve threatened it. the way i see it it, if it’s gonna happen then so be it…until the i’ll live my life and be happy, or as happy as i can be. i know it’s hard when they’re at u constantly but u have to try and concentrate on other things. engage with people, try and concentrate on a task, keep busy. u can walk and talk at the same time so get moving about and do stuff. it’s all too easy to fall into the trap of staying in bed and conversing. it’s hard i know but i find that the more i engage with the outside world or keep busy, the less frequent they are. wish i could offer u better advice hunni. chin up and fight the bastards!! xxx

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