Demons wrote it

The demons are the makers of this place, fairly obvious actually.

They been writin books.

Within this one it states that some guy that doesn’t exist made people the opposite of the way he wanted them to be and then kills them for not being that way.

In reality it was just a bunch of demons who made the folks of earf. They love fighting, division, strife, confusion, all of it really. They love their little creation and have all of the power over it.

We’re the demonic basstard creation of very cruel beings who do not love us in the least and lie to us often.

They made us what we did not need to be in this stuation. Really screwed us over to.

Been reading about them today. The Gnostics called them Archons and say that they wrote the Old Testament. Their leader, the Demiurge Lord Archon, has another name: Jehovah. Your are correct in stating that they feed off strife and division. (by correct, I mean according to tradition). Of course, we don’t know if it is actually true, and you will find that the more you get into esoteric beliefs, the less you will understand. It can really screw your mind up.

The English poet William Blake was into all this stuff. He even painted a picture entitled ‘The Elohim creating Adam’. Gnostics reckon that the Elohim are these same Archon blighters. Blake was a top bloke, very talented. He didn’t give a ■■■■ if people thought he was mentally ill. He just said what he saw.

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You are having some kind of day.

Well, screw the demons, then. Who cares? If you figure they’re here one way or the other, no point in paying any attention to them. It won’t make your life any better to do so. Just say, screw the demons, I’m gonna be what I want anyway. They try to get in your way, just think, What jerks, and do what you were going to do anyway.


[quote=“pansdisease, post:1, topic:31260, full:true”]
The demons are the makers of this place, fairly obvious actually.[/quote]Nowhere near obvious, actually. “Demons” are just as human as everyone else, except they have been tagged as criminals.

Don’t give into the religious propoganda that they are at all powerful. They’re emotionally miserable & intellectually inept. Hell, they’re probably just random people that survived death from this Earth and are seeking to hurt others as a way of getting over the unhappiness in their own lives. Don’t give them much thought or attention.

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Gnosticism is awesome. As is Blake.

My demons artificial intelligence program once said, or lead me to say.

Oh, when man took from the tree of knowledge.
By the influence of the devil, man gave up the ideas god had a future for them.

And so if man abandoned the belief of God.
Then they accepted the ways of the devil.
Making them the deciples of the devil.
And thus making the devil. Their God.

More, human wrong, than human right.
Also known as the devils influence.